Zara Young Men’s Lookbook: Adrien Sahores, French Male Model

Want more Zara lookbooks for young men? Check out this peacoat from the Fall Winter 2011-2012 Collection. The model’s legs look weird (badly photoshopped?) but the coat looks fab, fabulous, and totally fabulous (yeah, like George W. Bush, we love to say fabulous hehe!).

Now, our favorite part for the next “look” is that big pair of shiny shoes. Gotta get a pair for our man who is no dwarf in the foot size department. And you know what they say about men with big feet right? We’ve no complaints, for sure. Hehe.

Zara Leather Jackets for Men: Celebrity Brand Fans and Male Models

Stylish leather jackets for men from Zara’s 2010 fall + winter collection. These jackets received enthusiastic reviews from our dude-friend Kevin who says these are outfits he sees himself wearing.
Our friend Kevin has wondered about the celebrities and other famous personalities who wear Zara leather jackets and these are who we found who fit the bill.

Peter Andre in a Fall 2009 Zara Leather Jacket: Peter Andre, aka The Guy Who Managed To Free Himself From She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, is seen in this photo wearing a military-style leather jacket from the Zara Fall/Winter 2009 Menswear Collection. More…