YSL Celebrity Fans: Famous Men Wearing Yves St. Laurent Coats

YSL Celebrity Fans: Famous Men Wearing Yves St. Laurent Coats (posted 03 November 2011). Famous guys spotted in YSL coats and jackets include True Blood star Stephen Moyer, male model-turned-actor Noah Mills, and Jamie Campbell Bower of Harry Potter. Check out their Yves St. Laurent outfits below.

Here’s Stephen in a crocodile print leather overcoat from the YSL menswear collection. It looks sexy and elegant and cool but, boy, you have to pay a fortune to get yourself a winter coat like this one. How much is it? It costs 2,130 GBP (British pounds). But we should not be surprised if it is that expensive; after all, a crocodile was killed to make it.

YSL Celebrity Fans Famous Men Wearing Yves St. Laurent Coats

Canadian model/actor Noah Mills began his career in the entertainment industry by modeling for Yves St. Laurent and Gucci back in 2004. Here’s Noah rocking a YSL long coat during the YSL Rive Gauche Fall 2004 Fashion Show.

Did you know that Noah is currently the fourth top earning male model according to models.com? Here’s what the site says about his current modeling career: “As one of the most consistently booked men Noah Mills holds the record for repeat performances. As a standard in ads for Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana, Mills’ face is familiar to anyone who loves fashion. With his newfound success in films like S*x and the City 2, Noah is on the path towards becoming a household name, in and out of the fashion world.”

Way to go, fellow Torontonian!

ysl celebrity fans noah mills

Meanwhile, here’s Jamie Campbell Bower and his YSL leather bomber jacket. Very sexy leather jacket, huh?

ysl celebrity fans jamie campbell bower

Want more men’s winter coats?

Yves St. Laurent Double Breasted Coats Coats for Men (30 January 2011). Double breasted men’s coats from the Yves St. Laurent Menswear Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection as seen during the recent Paris Fashion Week held in January 2011.

designer double breasted coats for men

yves st laurent mens coat

yves st laurent mens winter jacket

yves st laurent coat for men

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