Gap Shirts For Men: Celebrities Wearing Gap Clothes

Gap Shirts For Men: Celebrities Wearing Gap Clothes Part III. The Gap brand may be struggling — it’s reportedly closing 40 stores across North America — but it doesn’t mean that celebrities who wear the brand are gone.

For instance, check out Silicon Valley actor looking great in his plaid shirt from the Gap menswear collection.

celebrities wearing gap zach woods

The apparel brand has expanded to India so we are seeing some celebrities like Bollywood hunk rocking his Gap outfits.

celebrities wearing gap ranveer singh

Gap Shirts For Men: Celebrities Wearing Gap Clothes Part II (30 August 2011). Aside from Robert Pattinson, are there other celebrities in Hollywood who were spotted wearing Gap shirts? Apparently, Chad Michael Murray (or rather his character Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill) loves him his Gap so much he’s seen wearing two shirts from the American label.

Here’s Chad aka Lucas wearing a Gap Premium Fitted Pin Dot Stripe Shirt.

Gap Shirts For Men chad michael murray

And here’s another one where he’s wearing a Gap Best Crewneck T-shirt.

Celebrities Wearing Gap shirts chad michael murray

Incidentally, musician David Grohl and Twilight actor Taylor Lautner were also spotted wearing Gap Best Crewneck T-Shirts too. Here’s the American rocker/songwriter rocking his Gap shirt.

Celebrities Wearing Gap shirts dave grohl

And teen star Taylor fits his Gap Shirt very nicely indeed in this scene from Twilight Eclipse.

Celebrities Wearing Gap shirts taylor lautner

Now let’s end this post on “male celebrities who love them their Gap shirts” with Adam Lambert looking fabulous in a Gap Fitted Blue Buffalo Plaid Shirt.

gap shirts for men adam lambert

Did we mention that Adam is our favorite American Idol alumni?

Gap Shirts For Men: Celebrities Wearing Gap Clothes: After ogling at Hollywood celebrity Robert Pattinson and his fabulous Burberry Prorsum Wool Coat, let’s ogle at him more but this time our Robert is looking less distant and more shaggable in his Gap Pocket T Shirt.

Gap Shirts For Men Celebrities Wearing Gap Clothes

Seriously, we would so hit that!

Gap Shirts For Men new pocket t2

Gap Shirts For Men robert pattinson

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