Eight Fun Tourist Destinations Around the World

Eight Fun Tourist Destinations constance-bay

Eight Fun Tourist Destinations?. Are you looking for the best tourist fun destinations? Sure you can go to the usual tourist places like the Eiffel Tower, or Broadway in New York, or Spanish beaches but practically all tourists are going there. Where’s the fun in that? You should, instead, check out the following:

Hot Men Rio Carnival: Dancing Muscle Hunks, Golden Boys, Kissing Gays

HOT MEN RIO CARNIVAL. The most important man in the Rio Carnival 2009 is probably Brazilian President Lula da Silva but we are more interested in the male dancers than in the Brazilian Prez. Sorry, Lula, we love you, we love your leftist politics but when the Rio de Janeiro festival comes forgive us if all we go is gawk at sexy hunky nearly naked men with great washboard abs. Hehe. More…