Can You Wear Underwear in Public: National Underwear Day

Can You Wear Underwear in Public? Is it okay for you to wear nothing but your underwear in public? Of course not. Are you crazy? Do you want to be jailed for public indecency or something? But there are instances where it is acceptable to roam the streets in your briefs and boxers. Or, if you’re a girl, in your panties and lingerie.

can you wear underwear in public

One of said instances would be the National Underwear Day which is being observed in some countries. If you’re lucky enough to live in a country that holds this event, then buy yourself a sexy underwear and join your fellow “exhibitionists”. Hehe. Check out our previous blog entries on this “celebration”.

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U.S. National Underwear Day
6 August 2009

Remember those hot male and female models who walked through the streets of Brazil dressed only in their underwear? They were, as we told you then, celebrating Brazil’s National Underwear Day.

While we were not looking, the good old US of A celebrated National Underwear Day last August 5. Dang, we should have known, no? After all, all we blog about is male underwear models and their female counterparts. Hehe.

Anyways, here’s some men and women celebrating the national underwear day from two years ago.

us national underwear day

national underwear day united states

Brazil’s Underwear Day
19 February 2009

brazil national underwear day

Brazilian models parade on the streets to celebrate Underwear Day. Although it is celebrated worldwide, we honestly don’t know what Underwear Day is about. Is it to encourage people to use underwear? Is it to promote underwear companies? Is it to raise awareness of something?

We don’t know and we’re too lazy to look for the answer in wikipedia :-).

brazil underwear day

More on Them Brazilians in Their Undies

underwear in public legal or not

can you wear underwear in public or not

legal to wear underwear in public

can you wear underwear in public prohibited

Not surprisingly, a lot of you loved our post on the Brazil Underwear Day so we decided to do this second post with more of them girl and guy models in their sexy underwear. Go, Brazil. Don’t you just love to live in Brazil? If there’s really such a thing as re-incarnation, we’d like to be reincarnated there.

Can You Wear Underwear in Public: National Underwear Day. Posted 19 February 2009. Updated 24 May 2017.