Hot Men Rio Carnival: Dancing Muscle Hunks, Golden Boys, Kissing Gays

Hot Men Rio Carnival: Dancing Muscle Hunks, Golden Boys, Kissing Gays. The most important man in the Rio Carnival 2009 is probably Brazilian President Lula da Silva but we are more interested in the male dancers than in the Brazilian Prez.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Sorry, Lula, we love you, we love your leftist politics but when the Rio de Janeiro festival comes around forgive us if all we do is gawk at sexy hunky nearly naked men with great washboard abs. Hehe.

Like this cute one.

hot men rio festival brazil

Ah, the time for dancing and male “bonding”.

hot gay men kissing at rio carnaval

Hello, pretty boy? Your smile brightens up the room!

hot men rio carnival

Either this guy is making a war cry or a victory chant or maybe he’s pretending he’s an acher.

hot men rio carnival hunks

Okay, you want videos of nearly naked Rio festival male dancers don’t you? Who doesn’t? Don’t we all love to watch bulging muscle men dancing with their clothes off? So we should thank the festival gods for bringing us something like this: Painted golden boys dancing in their tight underwear briefs. Kinda reminds us of old movies depicting the “fall of Rome” but this video and the guys in them are sizzling hot.

Okay, we’re not sure if these gold covered guys are the same dancers in the video but we won’t be surprised if they are.

Here’s a festival hunk who reminds us of American action star Vin Diesel. Sexy bald head? Check. Kissable lips? Check. Nice muscles? Check. Masculinity that exudes quietly? Check. Desire to bed the guy? Check. [Okay, okay Famewatchers, please tell us we’re not the only ones who dream of doing the nasty with Vin Diesel.]

But let’s forget Vin Diesel and go back to focusing on handsome men at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, shall we? Like this beautiful example of the male species. Damn, isn’t this guy a hot patootie? No wonder those slutty girls are sooo into him.

You want more golden dudes, don’t you? Loincloth-wearing festival boys, if that isn’t hot we don’t know what is!

Hot Men Rio Carnival: Dancing Muscle Hunks, Golden Boys, Kissing Gays. Posted 26 February 2009.