Wool Coats for Men: Celebrity Brand Picks and Favorites

Wool Coats for Men: Celebrity Brand Picks and Favorites: What designer brands do famous men and celebrities buy when it comes to their wool jackets or coats? Well, let’s check out what these four celebs – Justin Bieber, Paul Wesley, Chris Brown, and Russy Simons – are wearing, shall we?

Justin Bieber: Our baby, baby, baby is wearing a fleet carrier wool coat. What brand is it? We’re not 100% but we’re gonna guess G-Star because we know that Justin loves him his G-Star outfit and this one looks like the G-Star coat our friend loves to wear.

wool coats for men justin bieber fleet carrier

Chris Brown: We don’t have to do a guessing game on what Rihanna’s controversial ex-boyfriend (who may still be seeing Rihanna according to rumors) is wearing. What is it, you ask? It’s a wool and calfskin leather jacket from one of our favorite brands, Dsuared2.

wool coats for men celebrity brand picks - dsquared

Paul Wesley: American actor Paul Wesley, who we saw earlier wearing a Burberry Prorsum military coat, is – this time – the embodiment of cool and sexy in his Giorgio Armani Wool Jacket from the Italian label’s Fall/Winter 2010 Menswear Collection.

Russy Simons: Us oldies may not know the names of the boys below so let’s get their names, shall we? Of course you know Justin Bieber already! His companions are brothers Diggy Simmons and Russy Simmons, co-stars of the MTV reality show Run’s House along with their other siblings and their parents, singers Justine and Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons.

Brandon Boyd: Incubus lead vocalist Brandon Boyd is wearing a Burberry Prorsum Dark Moss Wool Military Jacket. Why is he looking so serious? Did someone steal his lunch or something?

burberry wool coats for men


Dior Homme Wool Voile Jacket on Robert Pattinson (23 October 2010). Hey Robert, you’re wearing a luxury designer jacket (its a Dior Homme Wool Voile Jacket too) which is pretty cool but your coolness drops by 100% when you do that “tongue-stuck-between-teeth” thing. Let’s stop doing that, shall we?

wool mens jackets. dior homme wool voile jacket on rpattz

Now, double thumbs up? That’s more like it!

Famewatchers, what do you think of RPattz’s Dior Homme Wool Voile Jacket? For more celebrities wearing Dior Homme, check out Zac Efron’s Dior Homme jeans and Usher’s Dior Homme Black Tie 71 sunglasses.

Wool Coats for Men: Celebrity Brand Picks and Favorites. First posted 23 October 2010. Last updated: October 27, 2019 at 17:30 pm

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