Womens Bally Shoes: Newest Spring Summer Collection

Womens Bally Shoes: Newest Spring Summer Collection. The Bally Botique in New York had a special preview of the Bally Shoes Spring Summer collection. These are some of the items displayed. Pretty fabulous shoes, huh?

womens bally shoes latest

Are you excited to see these shoes in your own closet like our shoe-loving friend Deena?

womens bally shoes rubber

Of course Bally shoes for the ladies isn’t all about 5-inch heels, the Swiss label’s also got some flat-foot walking shoes too. We were actually surprised to find out that Bally Shoes also makes rubber walking shoes.

Also, we gotta admit that, for some reason, we were of the impression that Bally Shoes is a Canadian brand. Turns out it is from Switzerland.

womens bally shoes for spring summer

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Womens Bally Shoes Update: High Heels for Anna Maria Jagodinska
31 July 2010

womens bally shoes model anna maria jagodinska

Polish female model Anna Maria Jagodinska rocks her Bally shoes in these print ads for the fabulous Swiss shoe company.

womens bally shoes for the ladies

Wow, the heels must be around five inches, no? Although high heels will make you look taller than you actually are, you might want to read our earlier post on the bad effects of high heeled shoes.

Still, even though high heels may not be good for your health, that snakeskin shoes is a must-have for girls who love shoes. Well, except PETA activists who love them their shoes but who also love them their snakes. Haha. Oh wait, PETAnians don’t love shoes at all, right? Well, they’d rather go barefoot than wear anything made of animals but this doesn’t mean they don’t love shoes because, after all, lots of shoes these days are made of synthetic materials.

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