Perofil Underwear For Men: Italian Mens Underwear Brand

Perofil Underwear For Men: Italian Mens Underwear Brand. Okay, this post is for those of you who are fans of male underwear brands from around the world. Here’s a dude modeling three different pairs of underwear from the Italian brand, Perofil Underwear.

First, check out our guy in a pair of white Perofil boxer briefs. He’s looking good, that’s for sure.

perofil underwear italian brand - white boxer briefs

Then our model changed to a pair of black Perofil boxer briefs.

italian mens underwear brand

Then, finally, here he is in classic tighty whitie briefs.

white tight mens underwear

What do you think of this brand? Is it something you’re excited to buy if ever you find yourself in Italy? They actually look pretty cool, no? Of course, we gotta get our hands on them to determine whether they’re really good or bad but they ain’t bad looking.

For more international underwear brands, check out the Intimissimi underwear which is another Italian brand, these Swiss men’s underwear by Diego Barberi, and the Argentine Narciso underwear which is being modeled by these hot Argentine men including international football star Lionel Messi.


Perofil Underwear Briefs Wins Award. Hah. Did you know that if you own a pair of Perofil briefs underwear, you’ve got yourself an award-winning undergarment. In particular, the Perofil 24062 was named the “Favorite Briefs” at the 2010 Undies Award. Here’s a video explaining how it bagged the award:

Who doesn’t want an underwear with “luxurious softness and incredible comfort”, huh? But then again, aren’t all underwear designed to be like that?

By the way, Perofil isn’t only about briefs, it’s also about other kinds of men’s intimate apparel such as jockstraps and thongs and intimate bikinis and men’s pajamas and tank tops and Henley shirts. It’s got everything a man is looking for, is what we’re saying.

Well, not really everything but you know what we mean, right?

Perofil Underwear For Men: Italian Mens Underwear Brand. Posted 31 January 2011.