Bad Effects of High Heeled Shoes: Bunions for Victoria Beckham

Bad Effects of High Heeled Shoes: Bunions for Victoria Beckham. Want to know the bad effects of them high heeled shoes you’ve been wearing to a) compensate for a height disadvantage or b) just so you can tower above the rest of us? Well, you will get bunions which is what the high-heels loving and breast-augmented Victoria Beckham is reportedly suffering from. According to the Daily Mail, Victoria is reportedly “being forced to put ice on her feet and do daily exercises in a desperate bid to avoid having the bunionectomy operations advised by her doctors.”

bad effects of high heeled shoes

Says a friend of Victoria who wagged his/her tongue to the Daily Mail:” The Beckham household is all about feet at the moment. David is having painkilling injections for bone bruising on his foot, while Victoria is in agony with her misshapen feet. She is suffering from shooting pain from the bunions. Normally, she kicks off her shoes in the house, but she has been out so much recently in high heels that she is really feeling it.”

The report continues: “Victoria calls her feet ‘the bane of her life, but she is worried about having the operation because she fears they will compromise her ability to wear heels and ruin her stylish look,’ says her friend. ‘She puts up with the pain, but the doctor has told her she seriously needs to consider a bunionectomy or ditch the heels for a few months to let the inflammation calm down. She has not got that long to decide what to do’.”

We often don’t feel sorry for celebrities but we kinda feel sorry for Victoria not only because she’s got bad feet but also because she’s got a snitch of a friend. Want more of this WAG’s fashion style? You might want to check out her stretch leather leggings or these Victoria Beckham underwear. Or would you rather read more about women’s shoes?

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