Vintage Workout Clothes and Routine: David Hasselhoff Style

Vintage Workout Clothes and Routine: David Hasselhoff Style. Today in celebrity workout watch, we go back to the 1980s and 1990s to check out the workout routine of your favorite celebrities as well as the clothes they are wearing when they are huffing and puffing.

Actually, we are only talking about one celebrity which is no other than our favorite singer (and Germany’s) David Hasselhoff. Wondering how our David got his beach body on Baywatch? Well, all that running that he did on the show certainly helped.

vintage workout clothes - shorts - running david hasselhoff

In fact, running continues to be one of the best exercise that you can do you want to keep yourself in shape. However, make sure that you buy yourself a running shoes that protects your feet. Workout outfit if you want to go running: a pair of shorts and a shirt. But you can go shirtless Baywatch style in more private places.

Next workout for our young David is chest and arms stretching with the help of this 1980s/1990s style resistance bar. Workout clothes for this kind of routine: you can follow David’s example by simply wearing jeans.

vintage workout for men - david hasselhoff - stretch workout

Next, as you can see in the next photos below, David also loved doing dumbbell curls to sculpt his biceps.

vintage workout routine for men - david hasselhoff

Workout clothes when doing bicep curls: Shorts and a shirt will do but you can up the game a-la Hasselhoff by going shirtless in short shorts.

vintage workout for men - david hasselhoff - short shorts

Another option would be Speedo briefs and tank tops.

vintage workout clothes for men - david hasselhoff - tank top and speedo

Hasselhoff is nearly 70 years old (he’s 68 now) but he can still give the youngins a run for their money. Four years ago, he had this to say about how he managed to keep himself in shape (via New York Post):

“Usually I work out three to four times a week, and I do cardio at least 20 minutes a day. If there’s not a gym around I’ll figure out how to [exercise] with pushups and situps and working my triceps with just a couch and doing dips. I travel with resistant rubber bands. They’re the greatest thing ever invented. You put the rubber band inside the door [on the handle] and you can do anything — lifts and chest presses.”

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