V-Neck Shirts for Men: Celebrities and Male Models V-Neck Fashion

V-Neck Shirts for Men: Celebrities and Male Models V-Neck Fashion. Chad White aka The World’s Top Male Supermodel is looking cute and shaggable in V-Neck shirts, no? So which of these shirts do you prefer? This immaculate white V-neck shirt?

white v-neck shirts for men chad white

Or the blue and black shirts below.

blue v-neck shirts for men

These fab V-Neck shirts for men, by the way, are from the English retailer, Littlewoods.

v-neck shirts for men littlewood

Want more men’s V-Neck shirts? Check them out below. For more Chad White awesome sexiness, check him out in his Camouflage Underwear.

V Neck Shirt for Men: Robert Pattinson Fashion (25 July 2010). We often see Robert Pattinson walking around in his V neck shirt, so we’re totally not surprised when his wax figure at the Madame Tussauds museum is dressed in white V neck shirt.

What do you think of RPattz’s choice of tee-shirt? Pretty cool and kinda sexy, eh? For more male celebrity shirts, click here.

v-neck shirts for men pattinson

Dress Like a Celeb: V Neck Shirts for Taylor Lautner and Chris Hemsworth (posted 26 July 2010). Obviously, Robert Pattinson isn’t the only male celebrity who loves to wear his V neck shirt. Maybe he’s exchanging fashion tips with fellow fellow Twilight actor Taylor Lautner? Here’s Taylor from the set of his movie, Abduction.

v-neck shirts for men taylor lautner

Want more Taylor fashion style? Check out this Taylor Lautner Diesel Least Leather Jacket.

Another male celebrity into V neck shirts is cutie pie Chris Hemsworth aka Thor. [Check out Chris Hemsworth’s underwear.] Photos from Comic Con 2010.

celebrity v-neck shirts for men

chris hemsworth v-neck shirts for men

Tom Cabral: Muscle Hunk is Our Imaginary Boyfriend (12 August 2010). Tom Cabral is our imaginary boyfriend. Seriously, how can one not fall for this guy? Those muscles are so longing to get out of his shirt, no? Oh, Tom! You’re just so shaggable. Love the V neck shirt, by the way.

We must admit though that even though we’re calling this guy our “imaginary boyfriend”, we really don’t know anything about him at all other than he’s got great muscles.

Is he the one credited on IMDB to have appeared in bit parts for the movies Alien Raiders and Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back? Strangely enough, he’s cast as an accounting clerk in said films.

Anyhoo, if you know more about our “imaginary boyfriend” do tell us more about him in the comments. Thank you, fellow Famewatchers.

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