Mens Wet Shirts are Hot: Famous Male Celebrity Edition

mens wet shirt justin timberlate male celebrity wet shirts

Mens Wet Shirts: Famous Male Celebrity Edition. Those of you who wish to see some photos of famous Hollywood male celebrities in dripping wet shirts, raise your hand. Wow. All of you, eh? Consider your wish fulfilled because we’ve got some awesome photos for you. Let’s start with Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner looking oh-so-lickable on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. If you can’t get enough of him, check out Taylor’s wet shirt beach photos we uploaded months ago.

Turtleneck Shirts for Men: Brand and Style Guide — and Sweaters Too

james bond spectre turtleneck

Turtleneck Shirts for Men. Back in 2010, we answered the question “are turtlenecks still in style?” with a big affirmative yes! Fast-forward five years later and the answer remains the same. Turtlenecks are still in style in men’s (and women’s) fashion. Just ask James Bond who’s rocking his turtleneck shirt in the photo above.

Celebrities Wearing Banana Republic Outfits

What do you think of the above long fall/winter coat on our fav Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen? Pretty cool and fabulous, no? The coat is from the Banana Republic menswear collection and Viggo wore it for this photoshoot for Men’s Vogue Magazine. We never thought our Aragorn would be posing for a fashion magazine but we’re uber happy that he did. Aren’t you too?

Next in our group of Banana Republic-wearing male celebrities is Will Arnett who some of you probably know as that G.O.B. dude on Arrested Development. What’s made by Banana Republic in his ensemble? It’s his shoes, honey! Specifically, he’s wearing a pair of Banana Republic Scala Oxford Shoes. Like Viggo above, our Will is posing for a magazine photoshoot but this time, it’s not Vogue but GQ Magazine.

Blue Shirts for Men: Bradley Cooper and Other Male Celebrities

blue shirts for men - bradley cooper fashion watch

Blue Shirts for Men: Bradley Cooper and Other Male Celebrities. If you think all we’re gonna do today is blog about short pants for sexy men, well you’re mistaken because we are also gonna blog about men’s shirts particularly bearded Bradley Cooper (who, to his credit, is rocking his facial hair unlike that Brad Pitt dude) and his blue long sleeve shirt.