Chris Hemsworth Underwear – Vacation Movie – He Likes Boxers Briefs!

Chris Hemsworth Underwear Photos. Ten years after we originally wrote this post, we can definitely say that Chris has become one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. That’s thanks to Thor and The Avengers. Want more male celebrity underwear?

chris hemsworth underwear - boxers or briefs - vacation movie

Now, this update would be useless if we don’t post these Chris Hemsworth underwear photos from the movie Vacation. The movie was released in 2015 and grossed around $105 million worldwide.

chris hemsworth underwear boxer briefs

Why is he walking around in his boxer briefs underwear? Well, here’s what tells us as to why he’s strutting in his underoos: “Chris plays Stone Crandall in the new blockbuster – the husband of main character Rusty Griswold’s (Ed Helms) sister. He hosts the family in his home for a night, and is showing them the facilities in their room when he makes his debut in his pants.”

chris hemsworth underwear movie vacation

01 May 2010: Is Chris Hemsworth the next big Hollywood action star. He will be if his upcoming Thor movie will be a big hit. Let’s hope the movie will do wonders for his career. You know, like how Star Trek made Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto bigger stars than they were.


Anyhoo, don’t you just love Chris Hemworth’s boxers underwear playing peekabo in the above photo. And here’s our Aussie hottie in a pair of boxing short shorts.

chris hemsworth underwear boxers

Anyhoo, Chris Hemsworth fans, check out this first ever photo release of our Chris for his Thor movie. What do you think?


Update: Oops, our bad! We included Chris to our list of Hot American Men but as some of you pointed out he’s actually an Australian dude. Correction noted and implemented. Thanks, Famewatcher commentariat. These Chris Hemsworth boxers underwear/short shorts photos are for you. Hehe.

Chris Hemsworth Ray Ban Sunglasses (06 August 2010). Want more male celebrities wearing sunglasses? Here’s Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth with his very big hammer (?) and dark glasses which, from the looks of it, is most certainly a Ray Ban.

Pics are from the recent Comic Con which Chis and his pals attended to promote his future big blockbuster movie, Thor.

Chris was also spotted wearing this badass pair of RayBan 3025 Aviator (Pilot Shades) Sunglasses. That girl he’s touching, for those of you who are jealous that you’re not her (hehehe), is his wife Spanish actress Elsa Pataky. So stop googling “Who is Chris Hemsworth’s girlfriend?” because the guy is very much married, okay?

chris hemsworth girlfriend

Hey look, its Chris and Elsa again! Can we call them “Chrelsa”? This time, our RayBan-loving Chris is protecting/hiding his eyes behind a fabulous Ray-Ban 4125 Cats 5000 Sunglasses. We are not sure about Elsa’s eyewear but we won’t be surprised if its also a RayBan.

chris hemsworth rayban

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