Eric Nies Shirtless and Underwear Model: He’s a Dog Savior Too

Eric Nies Shirtless and Underwear Model: He’s a Dog Savior Too. We didn’t think we’d be doing a blog update on Eric “Dog Saver” Nies but since some of you Famewatchers are curious about his underwear by googling “Eric Nies underwear” or “Eric Nies boxers or briefs”, we decided to re-do this post and give you photos of our hero in his undies. Does he wear boxers or briefs? Well, it looks like our Eric, at least when he was younger, likes him his plaid boxer shorts.

eric nies body hot

He also likes thermal long johns. Nice one, Eric.

eric nies underwear

And he rocks his white athletic shirt. Athletic shirts or wifebeaters are technically “under wear” so let’s also include this in Eric’s underwear collection, okay?

eric nies shirtless

Oh, hello, wet shorts!

eric nies underwear


First Post: Eric Nies Saves Drowning Dog
18 March 2009

eric nies dog savior

We are giving our Hero of the Day award to Eric Nies of Real World: New York for saving a drowning dog. And he totally stripped of his clothes too. Way to go, Eric. You’ve got big balls to do what you did.

eric nies naked saves drowning dog

Young Eric Nies: Dog Saver Has Gorgeus Muscle Abs Watch
18 May 2009

eric nies shirtless then and now

Woof. Woof. Wow, we didn’t know that Eric Nies, the dog saver is totally into getting nekkid. Look at those abs. Totally yummy. No wonder he likes to strip off his clothes. More photos of Eric (from his younger days, but still) after the jump.

Here’s some wikipedia info on Eric for those of you just discovering him: “Nies first gained fame as a cast member on the first season of MTV’s reality television program, The Real World. Nies was working as a model during the show’s filming, and was sometimes shown on photo shoots. He was known for his impressive physique, often appearing shirtless in episodes of the show.”

Well, here are those Eric Nies shirtless photos:

eric nies young washboard abs

He truly is a beautiful guy.

According to wikipedia, Eric regularly presented The Grind dance show with no shirt, prompting on one occasion guest Queen Latifah to ask him: “How much do they pay you to show your nipples?”

Hehe. Nice question, Latifah. Too bad, we have no info on his answer. Eric can currently be seen on VH1’s 2008 reality TV series, Confessions of a Teen Idol, in which former teen idols attempt to revitalize their entertainment careers.

eric nies now and then

Eric Nies Shirtless and Underwear Model: He’s a Dog Savior Too. First post 18 May 2009. Last update 24 May 2017.