Pauly D Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Boxer Shorts by Tommy Hilfiger

Pauly D Now: Shirtless, Abs Etching Surgery, Girlfriend. Wow. We really are getting old, aren’t we? Did you know that our favorite Jersey Shore star is now 42 years old? He’s now a daddy too having fathered a daughter back in 2013. Oh, and according to reports, he is the richest cast member of Jersey Shore thanks to his career as a DJ. According to Cosmo Magazine, Pauly is worth USD 20 million which is 15 million more than the next richest Jersey Shore star (Vinny @ 5 million USD).

Anyhoo, here’s the two richest Jersey Shorers chillin’ at the beach.

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Because of the weird way his abs is shaped, some internet sleuths went a-sleuthing on whether Pauly D had some liposuction or some plastic surgery to, you know, make his abs look better.

pauly d liposuction surgery

Turns out he might have undergone a procedure called abdominal etching. HollywoodLife interviewed a surgeon named Dr. Antony You who concluded as follows: “Yes, it does appear that Pauly may have had abdominal etching performed. This is a cosmetic surgery where liposuction is used to sculpt fat around the edges of the abdominal muscles to make it look like someone has a six-pack. Basically, the fat is removed from the periphery of the muscles to make the muscles look bigger and more defined. This is a growing procedure among men.”

pauly d abs etching liposuction

They also asked another doctor, Dr. McCoy Moretz, who arrived at the same conclusion: “Based on the photographs [in Cancun], yes it looks like (Pauly‘s six-pack) could be the result of abdominal etching to enhance the size of his muscles. If you look at the form of the ‘six-pack’, you see that the lines between the muscles are totally horizontal. In real life, though, the tendons between the heads of the rectus muscles slope downward slightly kind of like the limbs on a Christmas tree do from the trunk. Also, each of these muscles looks like it has a smooth rounded edge which is also not anatomically correct. Muscles in the rectus pack tend to be more of a trapezoidal shape and have an angle towards their edge into the tendon sheath, not a smooth curve like a breast.”

He adds: “This is indicative of fat sculpting without taking attention to appropriate shaping of the fat to look like a muscle. Muscle has angularity to its shape and form, whereas fat has rounded curves only. If you also look below his belly button on this picture there looks to be some contour irregularities which could be the result of slightly uneven fat removal with liposuction.”

Let’s end this update with this photos of the DJ from his younger days back when he didn’t need no abs etching.

pauly d shirtless body

pauly d plastic surgery

Paul DelVecchio Fashion Style (05 January 2012): Of course our DJ Paul wears something other than his Tommy Hilfiger boxers underwear. What kind of jeans does our Jersey Shore guido like to wear?

Apparently, he loves him his True Religion jeans – specifically this True Religion Men’s Billy Bootcut Jeans – which you can see him wearing below. The plaid shirt he’s wearing is also from the True Religion menswear collection.

What about shirts, what does our Pauly wear? Well, he loves him his Reebok shirt just as much as his fellow Jersey Shore cast member The Situation [See Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation’s Underwear] and model/actress Molly Sims loves them their Reeboks.

When it comes to sunglasses, our Pauly loves him a pair of Dicks Cotton sunglasses.

Like the other guidos in Jershey Shore, our Pauly loves to take images of himself in various states of undress. He does that with the help of his iPhone. He then uploads the pics in a site called guyswithiphones. Nah, we don’t really know if he does but we won’t be surprised if he did.

Jershey Shore Guys are So Gay: Jersey Score Parody (02 August 2010). A fun gay parody of the MTV hit show Jersey Shore complete with six-pack washboard abs, gym toned perfectly tanned, hair gels, Italian dudes who know how to party, party, party. Unfortunately, if you are a Snooki fan, she won’t be making an appearance here. But you don’t need no Snooki (or no girl for that matter) to score in Jersey Score.

Pauly D Underwear: Boxer Shorts by Tommy Hilfiger (4 May 2010). Jersey Shore’s Pauly D in his white boxers underwear. Can’t say we’re a fan of him, his show, and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast but we might blog more about him in the future if he keeps “producing” underwear pics. He’s got a nice butt too, no?

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