Is George Clooney Gay or Straight?

George Clooney Gay or Straight: Is George Clooney gay? Duh! What kind of question is that? Does Ann Coulter have a long, horse-like face? Yes she does. And yes he is.

What? You still need incontestable, definitive, and absolute proof that our George Clooney is gay? Okay, you want proof. We’ll give you proof. Read on.

george clooney gay proof

He himself admits that he is gay. Responding to internet rumors that “George Clooney is GAY, GAY, GAY”, George told Esquire Magazine that he is, “gay, gay. The third gay — that was pushing it.” So, by his own admission, he is 2/3s or 66% gay.

He had a very public lover’s quarrel with Fabio which prompted Fabio to write the following “novels” and which prompts us to increase George’s gayness to 76%.

george clooney gay lover

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George and Fabio sitting on a tree…

george clooney gay with fabio

He surrounds himself with hunky, sexy, men at the prime of their sexual lives. These never-before seen photographic evidence of George and some hunky guys (he even gets kissy-kissy with one of them) leaves us no choice but to increase his gayness to 86%.

george clooney gay with brad and matt

Brad Pitt claims that George likes them Chippendale hunks. Specifically, he told Ellen Degeneres that George likes them blonde Chippendale hunks. With this testimonial evidence from Brad (who is a man of unquestionable integrity), we are increasing George’s gayness to 96%.

george clooney gay proof chippendales

He made Batman gay for no apparent reason thus unnecessarily drawing attention to his own sexuality which makes us believe that this shtick of making Batman gay is George’s way of coming out which prompts us to put our George’s gayness to 100%.

So there. We have proven that George Clooney is 100% gay!!!!

BONUS evidence that George Clooney is gay:

George is friends with Barack Obama. Barack is friends with the gays. Therefore George is gay.

He is in his 40s and he’s still single. Why? It’s not because he can’t get the girls.

David Beckham is reportedly spending his nights at the George Clooney mansion in Italy. Why?


Tina: Just like rock hudson always with pretty girls, why dont these people just come out of the closet. Its a shame cause he is so dam hott. George Clooney gay 99%.

doxie56: Am I the ONLY one who read the article in People Magazine where Brad Pitt was asked if he and Angie were going to get married? His response was that he and Angie would get married when his friend, George Clooney, is allowed to marry whoever he wants to. duh! He simply chooses NOT to advertise it; and that’s his right! He’s still an exceptionally handsome and talented actor; so I don’t care!

Vivi: This is old news that was brought on by a joke. You all “love” George so much but don’t stop to listen to him? x’D He had been all over YouTube “joking” about how Brad Pitt and Matt Damon set him up on a gay joke. Apparently Brad told a joke that a foreign interviewer misunderstood. Thinking George was gay, he asked Matt who went along with it and said yes, he was. They all had good laughs. Even George himself laughed it off. After saying Brad was dead for making such a joke. x’D This is just tasteless humor, probably done by a Clooney hater. :]

Gertie: Famewatcher is a degenerate website, by and large, wasting time on trivialities. They owe me about 15 minites of my life back.


Update on George Clooney Gay or Straight: Well, it turns out that we may be wrong after all. Our George has got himself hitched last 2014. Over two years later he is still married to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin Clooney. If that ain’t a proof of straightness, we don’t know what is. Hehe.

George Clooney Gay or Straight posted 18 January 2009. Updated 9 February 2017.