Mike Sorrentino Underwear: The Situation’s Briefs and Boxers

Mike Sorrentino Underwear: The Situation’s Briefs and Boxers. Admittedly, we’re not quite sure whether the above pic of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in his tight Calvin Klein black underwear is genuine or a photoshopped image.

mike sorrentino underwear briefs

However, the photos below are real; they were taken during a photoshoot for Interview Magazine where The Situation paired up with Israeli supermodel and Leo di Caprio girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

The Situation in white boxer briefs.

Last Update. Another underwear photo courtesy of The Situation.

mike sorrentino the situation - boxer briefs underwear

Looks like he is more into boxer briefs underwear, no?

The Situation’s Boxers Underwear (03 June 2011). We thought The Situation is all about briefs but it turns out that he also loves him his boxer briefs. Check out this beach photo of Mike Sorrentino wearing his boxers. Not surprisingly, The Situation’s fashion taste is the same as another reality television douchebag’s taste. If we are not mistaken, The Situation’s underwear in this pic is Ed Hardy which is the brand of choice of Jon Gosselin.

mike sorrentino underwear boxers

But to be fair to Mike Sorrentino, he does not limit his underwear choices to just one brand. Aside from Ed Hardy, he also likes him his Armani Exchange underwear.

Apparently, The Situation also wears Calvin Klein underwear which we find out when he gets into a “Who’s got the hotter abs” contest with singer John Mayer. Obviously, Sorrentino has the bigger abs but when you have a dick as big as John Mayer’s (it’s reportedly huge), who needs six pack washboard abs, right?

After all of the above underwear photos, here’s something for those of you who are looking for some bulge in The Situation’s pants. Looks interesting. But we still think John Mayer beats him in this department.

Men’s Vest: Mike Sorrentino, Jersey Shore
04 February 2010

Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino may be what you would call an embodiment of a douchebag but you gotta give the boy some props for a) having a damn good taste in men’s vest, b) knowing how to make himself famous, and c) knowing how to work the red carpet. Of course we gotta also give him props for having awesome abs.

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