Chic Transgender Dresses: Dress Like a Transgender Celebrity!

chic transgender dresses geena rocero little black dress

Transgender Dresses: Which Celeb Has the Chicest Dresses? So, Famewatchers, who of these fabulous transgender celebrities have the most chic, most gorgeous, most stylish dress? And which of these dresses would you want to buy to add to your wardrobe?

Audrey Middleton Boyfriend? Transgender on Big Brother (nee Adam Middleton?)


Audrey Middleton Boyfriend? Childhood name is Adam Middleton? In a first for Big Brother on ABC, the casting gods have chosen their first-ever transgender housemate. Her name is Audrey Middleton. Before she transitioned, she grew up as a boy named Adam in a little charming town in northwest Georgia.

Transgender Models (Male to Female): Then and Now, Before and After Photos

geena rocero - transgender model - now

3. Geena Rocero. Claim to fame: Her coming-out inspirational talk at TED, hanging out with Dave Chappelle (which reportedly made his wife vewwy, vewwwy jealous), co-starring in the music vidro of hip-hop artist Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd), and some gay pageant beauty titles in her native Philippines. Here’s a pic of Geena as a model:

Michael Cimino Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos?

Michael Cimino Plastic Surgery. How old is director Michael Cimino? If you looked at the picture above and thought that he’s in his late thirties or in his 40s you would not be the only one to think that. And you would not be the only one who would be very very wrong. In fact, the Academy Award-winning director is 73 years old.