Theo Ford Hot Men in Suit: Irish Hunk and Male Model

Theo Ford Hot Men in Suit: Irish Hunk and Male Model. Today in Hot Men in Suits, we bring you adult actor Theo Ford who is sure rocking his suit in these photos. Theo is French but he grew up in Ireland because his dad got a job in the Emerald Isle.

In an interview with Irish paper Independent, he shares fond memories about growing up in Waterford in the south-east of Ireland: ““I grew up in Waterford in the most incredible environment thanks to the private Quaker school I attended. Waterford was such a safe environment to grow up in and explore my s*xuality.”

He adds, “It was a boarding school but I was a day pupil as I lived just down the road. We had huge freedoms and I took my fair share of it, and then some. I was allowed to grow into myself in the most special ways and for that I will be eternally blessed. Even though I don’t limit myself to nationality I always say I’m Irish.”

Theo went on to study at Dublin City University but modeling offers came a-calling so he moved to Paris when he was signed by a French modeling agency.

smoking hot men in suit - irish actor theo ford

Now, how did he come to star in movies for men who like men? Apparently, an adult movie producer approached the lad when he saw some his modeling photos.

Theo tells us more about his career journey in his Independent interview: “When I moved to Paris I was signed to a modelling agency. I had professional pictures online and those caught the attention of a producer for a new studio. When he contacted me online I didn’t know what to think. I guess my deeply curious nature just wanted to hear him out. I had no idea what was to come.”

He adds, “That first time on set, I was petrified. I’m not exactly sure what happened. I think I left my body half way through. Thankfully I kept filming and I became a true professional and a hard worker… pun intended. I love being on set now. I feel fulfilled. I know what I am doing.”

Thanks to said producer, we now see Theo rocking it in a suit.

hot men in suit - theo ford model actor

hot men in suit - theo ford model actor2

It goes without saying that he looks good without a suit too. Yes, even if he’s wearing a pair of 1980s throwback Daisy Dukes. Seriously, is jean shorts here to stay?

theo ford hot men in shorts

Apparently, Theo tied the knot with an American model hairstylist named Shawn Stolz. However, the marriage didn’t work out and they eventually parted ways in 2016. We’re kinda sad for them but that’s the way of life, ain’t it?

Does Theo have a boyfriend at the moment? Or is he single and available for the taking? We do not know the answer at this time but we will update this post when we have the info.

By the by, you should not confuse Irish/French Theo Ford with an American fashion model who goes by the same name. Here’s the other Theo on the runway.

theo ford runway fashion model

Let’s end this post with more pics of Franco-Irish Theo looking fabulous in his suit, shall we?

hot irish men - theo ford in suit

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