Hair Transplant in Your 20s: Alex Miller, Love Island Hunk

Hair Transplant in Your 20s: Alex Miller, Love Island Hunk. How young is too young for a hair transplant? When you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s? Undergoing a surgery to improve how your crowning glory should be okay when you are in your 40s. Doing it in your 30s is kinda ok-ish. But in your 20s?

Sounds like that’s too young to be have a hair transplant. However, we are no hair surgeon so we sought out what those who know what they are talking about are saying on the subject of young men in their 20s undergoing hair surgery.

The people behind are kinda advising against it because there is, apparently, a “finite number of donor hair follicles on your head” and you would be using such resources now when you less need it and would have no hair follicles to use when you totally need them in the future.

Here’s the quote: “It is possible to find clinics that will perform a transplant on a man in his 20s, but this can deliver unfortunate results in the long term. This is because there are a finite number of donor hair follicles on your head. For a transplant, these need to be harvested from the back or sides of the head. But it is not in your interest to use up a significant number of viable donor follicles at an early age because you will exhaust your supply. At 20 you may think you won’t care what you look like at 40, but the fact is you will. You may want a transplant at that point in time, so you will need those valuable follicles.”

Hair Sciences Center goes on to say that, except in rare case, they would “most likely advise against a hair transplant for a man balding at 20.”

Now, we really didn’t want to go into this topic but we came across a story of Love Island’s Alex Miller undergoing a hair transplant procedure and our niece Sheila went like, “How old is he? He looks too young to be doing that.”

For the record, the Love Island hunk is 28 years old so he is in the upper end of his 20s. Also, he consulted professionals at the British Hair Clinic before he decided to undergo the procedure.

Anyhoo, here are some photos of Alex before and during his hair transplant surgery. He shows us his receding hairline right before his crown goes under the knife.

alex miller bald receding hairline

alex miller hair surgery before and after

Getting prepped:

alex miller hair transplant - british hair centre

alex miller hair surgery british hair clinic

Undergoing the procedure. Want more celebrity hair transplant?

alex miller hair transplant before and after

hair transplant in your 20s - alex miller - british hair clinic

How’s his hair now? Well, he underwent the procedure last March (we think) and it may take some time to see the full effect. We will update this post once we have more info on how it turned out.

For the time being, here are shirtless photos of the Love Island star because why not. Haha

celebrity hair transplant - alex miller before and after

young men with hair transplant - 28 year old alex miller - love island hunk

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