Strellson Menswear 2012: Summer Suits, SportsUnderwear, & the Klitschko Bros

Strellson Mens Underwear, Menswear, and the Klitschko Brothers. In our previous post about Strellson, we only blogged about its underwear line. We thought it only makes undies but it is apparently the largest menswear manufacturer in Switzerland.

Did you know that Strellson has the world famous boxing brothers – Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko – as its celebrity models? The two are often seen wearing Strellson outfits like the ones in the photos below.

For instance, here’s Vitali during training while wearing a Strellson muscle shirt.

Meanwhile, here’s Wladimir looking like a boy next door (rather than the badass boxing champion he is) in a Strellson tee-shirt.

Another pic of Wladimir with some male mannequins in a Strellson store.

Aside from the Klitschko brothers, another famous man spotted in Strellson Menswear is German member of parliament Cem Özdemir. Check him out wearing a suit in an advertising campaign for the Swiss label.

We don’t know the concept behind this photoshoot, we don’t know why they made him sit in the sidewalk but it doesn’t look bad. Or does it? Anyhoo, let’s move now from celebrities and their Strellson outfits, to the latest menswear offering from the company.

Here are some shirtless Strellson guys modeling jeans for its Spring/Summer sportswear collection.

Two more outfits from the Sportswear collection.

And here are some fab suits from the Strellson Premium collection.

So there, now you know that Strellson’s isn’t just about men’s underwear. Hehe.

Strellson Mens Underwear: White Briefs, Black Boxers on Andrew Cooper
02 December 2010

strellson mens underwear andrew cooper

Want more Swiss men’s underwear? Well, here’s British male supermodel Andrew Cooper looking really sexy in his white tighty whitie briefs and in his black boxer shorts. Both briefs and boxers are manufactured by Strellson which is described by wikipedia as Switzerland’s largest menswear manufacturer which produces mid-range products aimed at men between 25 and 40.

swiss male underwear - strellson white briefs - male supermodel andrew cooper

Want more guys in white undies? Or would you rather check out these men in black underwear?

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