Replay Jeans for Men: Male Models Marcus Hedbrandh and Vinnie Woolston

Replay Jeans for Men: Male Models Marcus Hedbrandh and Vinnie Woolston. Want more Italian jeans? Well, what do you think of these Replay Denim jeans on Swedish male model Marcus Hedbrandh? Replay is an Italian brand established as far back as the 1970s. It has stores all over Europe and is now trying to penetrate the American and Asian markets.

replay jeans for men

Do you think it’s distressed jeans will find a market in your area?

replay jeans for men model

replay jeans for men denim

So what do you think of these Italian brand Replay Jeans For Men? Actually, they look pretty interesting, no? We still have to get our hands on them before we know if they can compete with our hubby’s brand preference when it comes to his denim jeans. He is a Levis guy through and through but is open to other brands which are as good as Levis.

replay jeans for men winter

Want more Italian menswear? Check out these Carlo Pignatelli men’s suits, these Italian cardigans by Gaudi, and these Intimissimi underwear on Brazilian male model Jesus Luz.

Vinnie Woolston in Replay Jeans For Men Ad Campaign
02 April 2012

replay jeans for men summer

Here’s some of the latest jeans from Replay’s menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2012. Vinnie is currently headlining the advertising campaign of this Italian label along with Russian supermodel and Cristiano Ronaldo squeeze Irina Shayk. We’re not that interested in Irina so we are not including her photos. Hehehe.

Vinnie may be thin like other male models but we’re loving how he’s doing his thing as a tattooed, hippy, badass model in contrast to the clean-cut, boy-next-door, won’t hurt a fly models we’ve been seeing in ad campaigns and runway shows since …. well, since twinks started to rule the fashion industry.

replay jeans for men summer spring

Vinnie goes country in faded jeans, plaid shirt, and a denim vest.

replay jeans for men male models

From the Replay ad campaign which Vinnie also headlined.

replay jeans for men vinnie woolston

Replay Jeans for Men: Male Models Marcus Hedbrandh and Vinnie Woolston. Originally posted 02 January 2011. Updated 02 April 2012.