Josh Kelly UnREAL: Shirtless, Underwear, Squarecut Speedo Photos

Are you watching the drama/dark comedy series, UnREAL, on Lifetime? We are not. Not yet anyway. But we keep on hearing good things about it. Vulture calls it “one of the most interesting dramas in recent memory” while Time Magazine says it is “melodramatic and moralizing. But it’s also … pretty good: dark, deft and empathetic”.

Now, if that’s not enough endorsement for you, check out this review from

YES there are hot men in this. The gay character is too wimpy and too fay for me so I’m gonna have to take a hard pass on him. The “Bachelor” himself while cute is too much a dick this early in the show for me to appreciate beyond his British accent and cute smile. BUT, the real steam comes from camera man Josh Kelly who gets nothing more than a black t-shirt and yesterday’s hairdo to run around with and that does him JUST fine. Honestly, this guy is worth watching alone for.

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Goran Visnjic Shirtless: Hunk in Squarecut Underwear/Swim Trunks

Goran Visnjic Hollywood Career Update: Aside from Hiroyuki Sanada, another foreign-born actor joining Halle Berry’s sci-fi TV series is Croatian actor Goran Visnjic. Like his Japanese counterpart, he’s been acting in his home country before he flew to L.A. in hopes of making it to Hollywood. Things have gone pretty good for him in the land of dreams. He bagged several TV projects the most prestigious of which would be his 10-year gig as Dr. Luka Kovač in the multi-awarded medical drama ER. He also co-starred in several movies one of which is a Famewatcher favorite (i.e., The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). And now he is TV-married to the gorgeous Halle Berry in a show that’s getting good reviews from critics.

In a recent interview with Laura Kane of the Canadian Press, Goran tells us what prompted him to get involved with extant:

Reading the script, it’s really interesting, and then you have the people involved like Steven Spielberg and Halle Barry, it makes it pretty much a no-brainer decision.

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