Sophie Winkleman Wedding Dress and Love Live Long Movie

Sophie Winkleman Wedding Dress and Love Live Long Movie. Lord Frederick Windsor and controversial actress Sophie Winkleman finally tied the knot. Congratulations, lovebirds. Now go forth and multiply as the good book says. Hehe.

Anyhoo, what do you think of Sophie’s wedding dress? Does it go to your “best wedding dresses” file? It’s reportedly designed by Anna-Roza Bistroff.

sophie winkleman wedding lord frederick

We must say that it looked great to us at first but then it became ordinary-looking after repeated viewings probably because it reminded us of them 18th century dresses which were puffed up by wires underneath. Anyhoo, check out our other posts on celebrity wedding gowns?

sophie winkleman lord frederick wedding


Sophia Winkleman Love Live Long Movie: Frederick Windsor, What Say You?
02 March 2009

Sophia Winkleman Love Live Long Movie Scandal erotica

What will Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, say of her girlfriend Sophia Winkleman’s raunchy scenes in an upcoming movie, Love Live Long?

Our unsolicited advice: If you love her, ignore the movie and the critics who will criticize her for her “soft porn” role and who will criticize you if you stand by her. It’s 2009, honey, you can marry anyone you want.

Sophia Winkleman Love Live Long scandal

Sophia Winkleman Love Live Long Movie

Engaged: Lord Frederick Windsor and Sophie Winkleman
16 February 2009

sophie winkleman lord frederick

Awww. We are happy for these two. Freddie Windsor reportedly proposed to Sophie over the Valentine weekend and she accepted his proposal. There’s no date yet set for the wedding but its scheduled later this year. Sophie and Frederick have been dating for two years now.

The Daily Mail has some details on the newly-engaged couple: “The Eton and Oxford educated Lord Frederick works as a banker for JP Morgan’s private banking division. He has previously appeared in upper crust photoshoots for Burberry and is a contributing editor to Tatler. But it’s as a royal hellraiser that his reputation is cemented. Lord Windsor admitted using cocaine in 1999 and after his mother expressed disappointment, he said: ‘It’s very difficult to avoid getting into this sort of thing when you move in these circles’.”

The report adds: “But it seems he may finally be settling down after proposing to Miss Winkleman, who has stared in a number of television comedy series. She’s best known for playing Big Suze in Peep Show and also starred in the BBC’s Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul.”

Sophie Winkleman Wedding Dress and Love Live Long Movie. Posted 13 September 2009.