Simu Liu Gay or Straight, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos

Simu Liu Gay or Straight, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos. Today in Hot Canadian Men, we bring you actor Simu Liu who currently stars in the hit Canadian TV series Kim’s Convenience and, more importantly, who will play the lead role in the first Disney Asian superhero movie Shang-Chi.

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How did he got cast as the first Disney Asian superhero? Simple, he tweeted at the Marvel/Disney overlords and 1) asked them to make an Asian superhero movie and then 2) asked them to cast him in it. That our Canadian hunk became a superhero because he tweeted about it is proof that there’s truth to Elvis Presley’s “ask and you will be given” song; it’s also a story that should be told and re-told to aspiring actors who are trying to make it in the industry.

Simu Liu Shirtless Photos. This section is for the thirsty among you who are looking for Simu’s shirtless pics. We grabbed these images from his Instagram account which you should follow (@simuliu) if these ain’t enough for you.

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He is a calendar boy having been featured in this Asian Bachelorette calendar.

simu liu shirtless asian bachelorette calendar

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Is Simu Liu Gay or Straight? Does He Have a Girlfriend He is straight and he’s got a girlfriend who is actually part of Kim’s Convenience. Nope, we are not talking about Shannon. It’s actually the girl who got him in trouble in that episode where everyone thought Jung is a drunk.

For those of you not familiar with her, Simu’s girlfriend’s name is Tina Jung. Aside from Kim’s Convenience, they also worked together in a 2017 short movie called Meeting Mommy. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds from an industry event.

simu liu girlfriend tina jung - red carpet

Simu Liu Boxers or Briefs? We have no clue but we do know that he likes him his Calvin Kleins.

simu liu underwear boxers or briefs

Let’s end this post with a photo of Simu as a horse-riding kid.

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