Santiago Cabrera Shirtless, Young, Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Santiago Cabrera Shirtless, Young, Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Damn! We thought we’ve already written a post about our imaginary Merlin boyfriend Santiago Cabrera but we just found out that we haven’t posted anything about him at all. But it’s better late than never ain’t it? So for those of you who — like us here at Famewatcher — are thirsty for our British Chilean hottie, here are some GIFs of the actor which shows him in all his shirtless glory. First, here’s Santiago as Count Vronsky in the TV mini-series Anna Karenina.

santiago cabrera shirtless in anna kareninna

Next, if you are a fan of the BBC show Merlin, let your heart weep again with this GIF of our Santiago as Lancelot in the episode Lancelot du Lac which we often rewatch on Netflix even if it makes us sad.

santiago cabrera shirtless in merlin

Although Merlin is full of classically good looking pretty boys such as Bradley James, Colin Morgan, and Tom Hopper, Santiago’s Lancelot is legit sizzling hot and his character arc is probably the saddest of them all which is why he captured our hearts and we will forever regard him as our Merlin imaginary beau.

If you’ve been on top of your TV news recently, you’d have noted that Santiago is one of the leads of the new buzzy CBS show Star Trek: Picard. He is playing Chris Rios who is described as “a former Starfleet officer and pilot who at first is reluctant to help Picard”.

santiago cabrera star trek picard

More shirtless images of our beau:

santiago cabrera body

The one below is probably our favorite photo of him although we gotta say that we frown upon his smoking.

santiago cabrera smoking

Is Santiago Cabrera say or straight? Despite the fan fictions of many a fan who shipped him with practically every male Merlin character, Santiago is a straight guy who is very much married to wife, theater director Anna Marcea. Here’s a photo of the lovely couple during a red carpet event for Star Trek: Picard.

santiago cabrera wife Anna Marcea

Let us end this post with a photo of Santiago as a young dude, shall we? He’s really a gorgeous looking guy ain’t he?

santiago cabrera young and smoking hot

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