Shirtless Leather Pants: Stephen Amell Goes Wrestling

Shirtless Leather Pants: Stephen Amell Goes Wrestling. Ever dreamed about Arrow actor Stephen Amell wrestling shirtless in leather pants?

Well, your dream is actually a reality and we have photos for you to prove it. Apparently, back in September 2018, our second favorite Amell (after Robbie, of course) participated in a professional wrestling match dubbed All In where he went toe to toe with Christopher Daniels who actually wrestles for a living.

shirtless leather pants - stephen amell - all in wrestling

As may be expected, Stephen lost his match but earned a lot of respect from the denizens of the Squared Circle subreddit which is arguably the most passionate and the most knowledgeable online wrestling community.

shirtless leather pants - stephen amell wrestler

Damn. Our Stephen looks like he’s got the moves, huh? Want more celebrity leather pants?

stephen amell wrestling in leather pants

Here’s a sample of what Redditors said about Amell’s performance in All In:

  • This was my favourite match at All In, I was really impressed with Amell. CD is great as always but Stephen really worked hard, you can tell he has passion. What did you guys think of the match?
  • As a celebrity, he could probably have gotten away with showing up, doing a couple of token moves, etc, but he really puts the effort in and you get the feeling he has a genuine love for the business. That coast-to-coast was beautifully done.
  • Amell did great and I’m glad he didn’t get the obligatory celebrity victory. AND Arrow did a Falcon Arrow!
  • When I watched this live I didn’t know who Amell was. I legit thought he was just a wrestler through the entire match.

Being mistaken for a real wrestler, when you are anything but, is the biggest complement that one can receive, no? This is specially true if the ones who mistook you as the real deal are guys who know their wrestling and are knowledgeable on what they are talking about.

shirtless leather pants - all in stephen amell

The All In event itself got very positive reviews from the sports media and received “near universal acclaim” according to wikipedia.

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