Stephen Amell Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Stephen Amell Underwear and Shirtless Photos. What style of underwear does Stephen Amell prefer? Boxers or briefs, G-strings or longjohns, tight or loose? Well, judging from the picture below, we can conclude that this Canadian hunk prefers boxers rather than briefs. Oh wait that’s technically not Stephen but that’s Stephen as Jason in the TV show, Hung. So we can say that Jason loves him his boxers but as to Stephen’s underwear preference, well, it still remains a mystery.

stephen amell shirtless

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stephen amell underwear boxer shorts

Want more photos of Stephen as Jason is his boxer shorts? Check ’em out below.

stephen amell hung boxers underwear

stephen amell shirtless in hung

Do you know that Stephen is pretty gorgeous as a blond? Let’s check him out looking fabulous (in a wifebeater shirt too) as a blond hottie in the critically panned movie, Circling the Ring, where he plays the role of a farmer who goes to war.

stephen amell hot the ring

Our friend Kevin is like, “Are you sure that’s Stephen Amell? It looks like a different person?” But, yes, Kevin. The blond hunk is indeed Mr. Amell. He looks different but that is what acting is all about, to be different as required by the role you play.

And here’s Stephen as a paramedic in Private Practice making out with Amy Brenneman. Lucky girl.

stephen amell hot uniform paramedic

Kevin asks: Does Stephen Amell have a girlfriend? Our answer: If he does, she should help him pick the clothes he wears as no girlfriend worth her title as a girlfriend will allow their beau to go out looking like this. Haha. The internet answers: In an interview with Premier Guide Media to promote his 2011 TV/movie, Justice for Natalee Holloway, Stephen mentions that he has a girlfriend but did not name her.

stephen amell fashion

Kevin asks: Maybe Stephen is gay? Our answer: Heh. Will you stop that “is he gay” pre-occupation! But Stephen did play some gay roles — as Adam in Dante’s Cove and as a spinning instructor in Queer as Folk.

Stephen Amell Underwear 2017 Update. Our Canadian hottie made headlines recently for strip dancing to his underwear during the 50th birthday John Barrowman, his friend and co-star on The Arrow.

Stephen in camouflage boxer briefs.

stephen amell underwear - camouflage boxer briefs

According to reports, Stephen enlisted another friend (the guy on the left) to join him in his gift of a strip dance to John who, for his part, looks pretty pleased with Stephen’s present.

Stephen Amell Underwear and Shirtless Photos posted 16 August 2012. Updated 1 March 2017.