Andrew Hayden-Smith Boyfriend: Actor in White Briefs Underwear

Andrew Hayden-Smith Shirtless in Short Shorts. Five years after we originally wrote this post on our imaginary British beau, we are updating it to bring you these photos of the actor wearing nothing but a pair of red short shorts. Yay.

A shirtless Andrew fixing his socks and his Adidas shoes. The crew cut haircut suits him really nicely, don’t you think? By the way, just so we give credit where credit is due, we grabbed these photos from

Andrew Hayden-Smith shirtless body putting on shoes

Chillin’ by his lonesome.

Andrew Hayden-Smith shirtless body

Going for the Guys With iPhones look, huh?

Andrew Hayden-Smith shirtless hot guys with iphones

AHS Boyfriend Update. The British actor is dating Dan Maton according to Here’s a photo of the boyfriends which we grabbed from his Insta account (follow him @andrewhaydensmith).

Andrew Hayden-Smith boyfriend dan maton

Andrew Hayden-Smith Boyfriend: Actor in White Briefs Underwear (5 February 2015). Look who’s awesome in his white briefs underwear? It’s British television host and actor Andrew Hayden-Smith. The 31-year-old cutie will be appearing in two of the more controversial TV shows these days, Channel 4’s Banana and Cucumber.

Doesn’t he look fabulous in his tighty whities?

Andrew Hayden-Smith underwear

Who wouldn’t want to jump in bed with Andrew (who’s also known by his initials AHS) even if all you do is read a book together?

andrew hayden smith gay british actor

AHS goes shirtless in his jeans.

andrew hayden smith shirtless in jeans

Andrew is openly gay who came out back in 2004 when only a very few celebrities were brave enough to go public about their sexuality. His bravery earned him a spot in The Independent’s Power List in 2005.

More about Andrew’s coming out from It’s a Queer World: “In 2004, ex-Byker Grove actor and CBBC presenter Andrew did the unthinkable for a young man on kids’ TV – he told the world he was gay. At the risk of being outed by a newspaper, he beat the tabloids to the punch and did an interview with Attitude magazine.”

Andrew says of his decision: “Coming out is pretty scary. It’s bad enough when you’re almost certain that the majority of people around you will be totally cool with it. I was 21 and presenting kids TV at the time and was commended for what everyone kept saying was such a brave step.”

Andrew Hayden Smith Boyfriend. Does Andrew have a boyfriend? Or is he single and available? In an interview with he mentions that he does have a boyfriend. Here’s a photo of Andrew and his beau Addison courtesy of said site:

andrew hayden smith boyfriend addison

Asked whether he has any advice to young dudes out there who want to come out to their family and friends, here’s what AHS says (via “Looking back now, I wish I could tell myself at 15 that everything was going to be ok and that I was going to be as happy and comfortable in myself as I am now. I’m in a loving relationship and my boyfriend is very much part of the family when I take him home to Newcastle. If you’re thinking about coming out, do it when you feel ready. Don’t feel pressured by anyone. It’s your life and you call the shots.”

He adds: “If you do come out and the situation doesn’t quite go as you’d hoped or things become really bad, there are fantastic charities like the Albert Kennedy Trust who can help. Coming to terms with your sexuality isn’t always easy. If you’re reading this and struggling, then I really hope you find the turning point you’re looking for, just like I did.”

Wise words derived from experience!

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