Sharon Stone Rolex Watch: Submariner + Lady Rolex Datejust

Sharon Stone Rolex Watch: Submariner + Lady Rolex Datejust. Want more female celebrities wearing ladies watches? We bring you the always beautiful Sharon Stone and her Rolex Submariner. Our girl is soo looking like an awesome badass chick, isn’t she?

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Ladies Best Quality Watches: Rolex For Sharon Stone
28 July 2010

Today in celebrity ladies watches, we bring you Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone.

Apparently, our Sharon is a Rolex girl. Well, you already know that because we wrote a post about her and her Rolex Submariner. But it sure looks like Sharon loves Rolex so much she wears two of them at the same time – the Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Datejust. You go, girl!

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