Kellan Lutz Leather Jacket: Monarchy and What Comes Around Leather

Kellan Lutz Leather Jacket: Monarchy and What Comes Around Leather. Our imaginary boyfriend Kellan is looking great in his leather jacket isn’t he? We’re tempted to crop that woman beside him (hello, Ashley) but we controlled our jealous annoyance and left her in the picture. We’re not that bad after all. Hehe.

Kellan Lutz Leather Jacket monarchy

According to Deena, Kellan is wearing a Monarchy Ceremonial Leather Jacket. Ever heard of of this brand, Monarchy Leather? We still haven’t so please don’t ask us about it. Now although we are clueless about the brand, we do know that our Kellan’s Monarchy leather jacket costs around US$ 300 and is made of “vegan leather”.

Kellan Lutz Leather Jacket

Please don’t ask us what “vegan leather” means because we don’t know. If you do know, please tell us more about it in the comments.

Obviously, the Twilight muscled hunk loves him his Monarchy leather jacket because he was spotted wearing another – in this case, the Monarchy Collection NVBJ Leather Jacket – back in 2009. With his love for this brand, don’t be surprised if Kellan tops the list of celebrities in Monarchy leather jackets.

Of course, like any good Hollywood male fashionista, our Kellan does not limit his leather jacket to Monarchy. Check him out rocking his What Comes Around Goes Around Leather Jacket.

As we mentioned in an earlier post about vintage clothing [See Marlon Brando’s Vintage Leather Jacket], What Goes Around Comes Around is a label that creates custom vintage. In other words, it makes new outfits based on designs taken from vintage fashion. So if you want to have a Scarlett O’Hara dress from Gone With the Wind but can’t fine one, we think What Comes Around Goes Around is the company you should call and ask them to make one for you. Sure, it’s gonna be expensive because it is customized and all but we’re talking about a Scarlett O Hara dress here, right?

Anyhoo, let’s end our post for today with this picture of our having a swell time wearing a batsuit.

Again, we wanted to crop the girl but …. anyhoo, have you checked out Kellan Lutz’s underwear photo yet? Or are you more interested in male celebrity leather jackets?

Kellan Lutz Leather Jacket: Monarchy and What Comes Around Leather. Posted 26 July 2010.