Rolex For Girls: Female Celebrities With Rolex Watches

Rolex For Girls: Female Celebrities With Rolex Watches. Of course Rolex watches are for girls too. So here’s a compilation of our earlier blog posts on female celebrities who were spotted wearing Rolex watches. Who of these famous girls have the best Rolex? Check them out below!

Madonna. Hello Famewatchers, you’ve already learned about Madonna’s plastic surgery secret, now check out her Rolex Daytona wristwatch. Oops, does it sound like we are being “stalkerish” with all our Madonna-watching?

Anyhoo, here’s a very cute picture of Madonna and her kids (we’re assuming the little one is Mercy James). It’s pretty cool to see the little one playing with Madonna’s Rolex watch. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

rolex for girls madonna daytona

Elle Macpherson. Does Elle Macpherson like plastic surgery? No, she does not. Does she like Swiss luxury watches? Yes she does! Our Elle Macpherson is definitely a Rolex babe. Check out these photos of our Australian supermodel and her Rolex watches.

elle macpherson rolex for girls

Rolex for girls as modeled by Elle Macpherson.

rolex for girls watch elle macpherson

Jessica Simpson. We’ve already seen Jessica Simpson’s Rolex Submariner elsewhere in this site, now let’s check out her yellow gold Rolex Day Date watch.

jessica simpson rolex for girls watch

You may criticize Jessica’s fashion style but let’s give her credit when it comes to choosing her timepieces. One can’t go wrong picking a ladies’ Rolex watch, no? Good choice, girlfriend! Here’s a closer look at Jessica’s Day Date.

Jessica is wearing a Rolex Submariner in this photo with then-boyfriend John Mayer. Want to know how to tell the difference between a fake or genuine Rolex Submariner?

rolex for girls jessica simpson rolex submariner

Vanessa Redgrave. Here’s an “almost-vintage” photo of Academy Award-winning actress Vanessa Redgrave wearing a Rolex Submariner watch. Pretty cool, eh? She looks so carefree and happy.

vanessa redgrave rolex submariner

What is Vanessa up to these days? Well, our girl is very much active. She will be starring in the Broadway premiere of Driving Miss Daisy opposite James Earl Jones. It opens on October 25, 2010 at the John Golden Theatre in New York City. That’s a play we’d like to watch. You go, girl!

Lindsay Lohan. According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan’s Rolex watch was one of the items stolen when a group of Hollywood burglars (nicknamed Burglar Bunch) broke into her home. We hope the troubled star will recover her properties.

lindsay lohan rolex for girls watch

Caprice Bourret. Huh! You thought the elegant Rolex Submariner divers watch is only for men? Of course not. It’s also for the ladies. Check out American female model turned actress Caprice Bourrett totally looking like a cool badass chick with her Rolex Submariner.

rolex for girls 2017 caprice bourret

Want more stylish ladies’ watches?

January Jones. American actress January Jones, most famous for her role as Betty Draper in the AMC television hit Mad men, is looking great in his all-white undergarments, isn’t she? For sure, our friend Dale is kinda drooling over this picture. Wondering about the watch that our beautiful actress is wearing? That’s a Rolex Daytona watch, baby.

january jones rolex watch

Ingrid Hoffman. Cooking show TV host Ingrid Hoffman, seen here wearing her Rolex watch, is the kind of girl every boy wants to bring home to mama.

rolex for girls ingrid hoffman watch

She is super-beautiful, she can cook, and she’s got a smile that lights up a room. What more can a boy ask for, no?

ingrid hoffman rolex for girls

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