Scott Brown Shirtless, Underwear Modeling Photos: All-American Daddy Senator Hunk

Scott Brown Shirtless, Underwear Modeling Photos: All-American Daddy Senator Hunk. Famewatchers, meet Scott Brown. He is the 1) father of American Idol reject Ayla Brown, 2) a Republican state Senator for Massachusetts, 3) a candidate for the US Senate for the upcoming election to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy, 4) a former male model (that’s why he’s undressed like that), and a 5) DWLF (i.e., DILF except there are more than one of us).

scott brown shirtless underwear model

Mr. Brown is probably the only proof there is that the Republican party ain’t just for old men like John McCain or brainless idiots like Sarah Palin. However, much as we like to look at Mr. Brown’s DWLF awesomeness, we’d still go for his Democratic opponent because we can’t imagine the party of Glenn Beck (aka the one who needs penis-enhancing pills, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and those other crazy Republicans representing the Great State of Massachusetts.

Can Scott outhunk our pretend boyfriend, Alex Loomans below? Alex, a model from Toronto, is our pretend boyfriend for the moment. He’s such a cutie, isn’t he? Does he resemble Prince Harry? Or are we just imagining things?

alex loomans shirtless

UPDATE: More Scott Brown Shirtless and Modeling Photos. You want more modeling photos of your favorite All-American Senator Daddy Hunk don’t you? Of course, we all do. You’d be lying if you say you’re not interested at looking at his gorgeousness. Hehe.

Anyhoo, here’s a Scott Brown shirtless modeling photo from the June 1982 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine which cited the then young male model as one of “America’s Sexiest”.

scott brown shirtless - cosmo mag june 1982 - americas sexiest

With model Julianne Phillips.

scott brown with model julianne phillips

scott brown male model - suit and tie

Modeling clothes for High Seas, a four-weather gear company.

scott brown sexy male model - sea gear

Sweaters are not typically associated with sexiness but we find the Senator vewwy vewwy sexy in that snug sweater he’s wearing. Our Scottie is posing for the 1984 Bernat catalog.

scott brown - sweater for men - 1984 bernat catalog

Finally, here’s our male model turned American Daddy Senator Hunk as the center of the female universe.

scott brown cosmopolitan magazine model

Scott Brown Shirtless, Underwear Modeling Photos: All-American Daddy Senator Hunk. Posted 10 December 2009. Updated 18 May 2017.