Hot Guys in Kilt: Male Models and Celebrities

Hot Guys in Kilt: Male Models and Celebrities. You want to see more hot guys in kilts, eh? What? You’re not satisfied with out earlier posts on Scottish hotties Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler as well as Russian hockey star Ilya Kovalchuk and Gossip Boy Ed Westwick who are all wearing kilts? Anyhoo, check them out in our post on Scottish Men Wearing Kilts.

Okay, here are more hot guys in kilts. They may not be celebrities like Ewan and company but they’re just as hot.

hot guys in kilt shirtless male model

Shirtless guy in kilt.

hot guys in kilt male model

Damn, this boy has nice washboard abs.

hot guys in kilt shirtless

Now, who of these kilted guys is the most tease?



Hot Guys in Kilt: Ed Westwick
19 August 2009

hot guys in kilt ed westwick

It seems like all we do is these days is blog about Ed Westwick but we can’t help it, it’s in our naycha. For sure, if you accidentally come across The Westwick dressed in kilt, we’re pretty sure you’ll blog about it as well.

This should be our last entry this week for Ed. But if we find a photo of him kissing another guy a-la David Beckham or wearing some tighty whities like these Dolce and Gabbana male models, then we have no choice but to blog about him again.

hot guys in kilt celebrity ed westwick


Men in Kilt – Male Runway Models – Video
27 August 2009

You know a traditional clothing is hot, hot, hot when designers include them in their collection and when they get showcased on the runway. Check out these male models dressed in kilt.


How To Dress in Kilt: How to Wear Kilt – Video Instruction Guide (posted 16 January 2010).


How does one dress in kilt? Well, the male model above is showing us how it should be done. You should wear kilt with your shirt off :-) Seriously, here’s an instructional video on how to wear your kilt.


Men’s Plaid Kilt: Durex Condom’s Controversial Ad
22 January 2010


Here’s a pretty cool print ad from Durex Condoms which makes very effective use of the “men in kilt” theme. It’s a good copy, no? It drives home the point without shouting the message.


American Male Model in Kilt: Todd Hanebrink

20 August 2009

hot guys in kilt male model todd hanebrink

You’ve already had your fill of hot guys in kilt? What? You still want more? Okay, here’s American male model Todd Hanebrink (his website) saucily posing in his kilt. He is cute and kinda slutty, no?

Hot Guys in Kilt: Male Models and Celebrities. Posted 15 August 2009. Updated 18 May 2017.