Russian Men in Speedo: Top Olympic Divers and Swimmers

Russian Men in Speedo: Top Olympic Divers and Swimmers. Who wants some photos of Russian men in Speedo swimsuits? All of you? Why are we not surprised? You are pretty lucky because, with the London 2012 Olympic Games and all, there is no dearth of Speedo-wearing athletes from Mother Russia.

Take for instance the Russian diving team of Ilya Zakharov and Evgeny Kuznetzov who represented their country in the men’s synchronized 3 meter springboard diving competition.

russian men in speedo

Did they win a medal? You bet, they did. They bagged the silver medal after the Chinese team of Luo Yutong and Qin Kai.

russian men in speedo ilya evgeny

Ilya and Evgeny hug each other after one of their dives.

To date, Ilya and Evgeny are the only Russian male divers to medal in the London Games. We hope they and the other Russian divers will bag more medals as the second week of the diving competition starts this Monday, 06 August.

Meanwhile, another Speedo-wearing Russian athlete who got a medal for himself and his country is Yevgeny Korotyshkin. That’s him above wearing a black Speedo at the very top of this post. Yevgeny shared the silver medal in the 100 meter butterfly with South African swimmer Chad le Clos.

Both lost the gold to the United States’ Michael Phelps. Aside from his Olympic silver medal, Yevgeny boasts of several other medals from other international competitions foremost of which would be his gold medal in the 2010 World Championships.

Here’s Yevgeny Korotyshkin in his bodysuit. Turns out he wears Arena swimwear and not the ubiquitous Speedo.

russian men in speedo yevgeny korotyshkin

Another Russian medalists in swimming would be the 4×100 freestyle relay team of Andrey Grechin, Nikita Lobintsev, Vladimir Morozov, Danila Izotov, Evgeny Lagunov, and Sergei Fesikov (note: the last two participated in the preliminary heats) which won a bronze medal.

We tried looking for a photo of the above group in their swimsuits but we can’t find any. What we found are the individual swimsuit pics of Nikita Lobintsev and Vladimir Morosov.

Here’s Nikita who, aside from his bronze in London 2012, also has an Olympic silver medal from the Beijing 2008 Games as well as a gold medal from the 2010 Dubai World Swimming Championships.

And here’s the gorgeously handsome Vladimir.

russian men in speedo vladimir morozov

He’s supercute, isn’t he? Since he’s based in California, he should try going auditioning for movie/TV roles. Who knows, he might become the next Johnny Weismuller, the legendary swimmer who became a pretty successful movie actor and Hollywood leading man. What say you, Vlad?

hot vladimir morozov

Want more Russian hunks?

Russian Men in Speedo: Top Olympic Divers and Swimmers. Posted 5 August 2012.