Natalie Portman Wedding Dress by Rodarte

Natalie Portman Wedding Dress by Rodarte. Natalie Portman’s wedding dress by Rodarte looks simple in the pic above but when you’re as happy as she is and your happiness is the real deal, you really don’t need some elaborate wedding gown do you? It is the artificial celebrities who fake their way through a marriage ceremony (hello Kim Kardashian) who need extravagant wedding dresses.

Classy women like Natalie can get by with simple but elegant gowns.

natalie portman wedding dress by rodarte

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For those of you who are not into celebrity weddings or those who opted to ignore the rest of the world because they want to focus only on the London Olympic Games, Natalie and boyfriend Benjamin Millipied have tied the knot in a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony somewhere in Big Sur, California.

natalie portman wedding dress

So how did the wedding go? We have a mole during the ceremony and here’s what s/he tells us (note: our mole is actually an unnamed “insider” who blabbed to US Weekly): “Natalie looked so happy and was glowing. It was a beautiful day for her and Benjamin to celebrate with those they hold closest.”

The source adds: “Her dress was stunning, not overly showy or revealing. Very much her own subtle and pretty personal style – she always has a hippie theme, whatever she does.”

So there. Don’t you just love blabby insiders? Without them, we don’t have anything to tell you about celebrity weddings.

Although we hope that Mr. and Mrs. Portman-Millipied sold the rights to their wedding pics to some magazine so we will have better images not these grainy ones taken by the papz.

natalie portman benjamin millipied wedding

Aww. She looks so happy!

Anyhoo, we’re happy for the couple and we wish them a successful marriage.

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Natalie Portman Wedding Dress by Rodarte. Posted 7 August 2012.