Vladimir Ivanov Model in Puma and Calvin Klein Swim Trunks

Vladimir Ivanov Shirtless Russian Underwear Model. Want more men in beach shorts? Here’s Russian male model Vladimir Ivanov looking great in his white beach shorts. Check out his other swimwear after the jump.

vladimir ivanov model speedo

Want more of this hunky model? Check him out in his John Galliano long johns and in his sexy navy uniform.

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Alexander Sasha Larin Shirtless Russian Hunk in 90 Day Fiance

Alexander “Sasha” Larin 90 Day Fiance Update. So, how’s our favorite Russian reality star these days? Well, he and his American love Emily McCue had a child, got married, went to live in America but they are now back in Russia because they want to be close to Sasha’s other kids. Apparently, according to soapdirt.com, the original plan was to have Sasha’s kids join them in America but this became impossible when COVID happened and travel restrictions were imposed. Anyhoo, here’s a lovely photo of the couple in Russia.

sasha larin emily mccue 90 day fiance

And, because we know that some of you are thirsty hoes who have no shame appreciating a married man, here’s a shirtless photo of Sasha at the gym. Follow him on Instagram @alexander.g.larin.

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Marat Safin Girlfriend, Wife, and Shirtless Photos

Marat Safin Shirtless Update: Now and Then. We are updating this post on Marat Safin because we know you are thirsty for a Russian zaddy. We are joking of course but, at 41 years old, our imaginary boyfriend back in the aughts now qualifies as a zaddy. He is gorgeous as ever and is still single and ready to mingle. Anyhoo, here’s a shirtless pic of Marat from his Instagram page (follow him @iamsafinmarat):

marat safin now - shirtless update

Because we can’t help ourselves, here are more shirtless pics of a younger Marat:

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Nicholas Galitzine Shirtless, Girlfriend, Cinderella

Nicholas Galitzine Shirtless, Girlfriend, Cinderella. Famewatchers, say hi to our next imaginary boyfriend. His name is Nicholas Galitzine. He’s 26 years old English actor who’s playing a prince in the Amazon Prime movie Cinderella.

nicholas galitzine cinderella

Now, here’s the thing, Nicholas actually has blue blood in him because his lineage can be traced to the House of Golitsyn (or Galitzine) which, according to wikipedia, “was one of the largest princely of the noble houses in the Tsardom of Russia and Russian Empire”.

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Pasha Pashkov Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Pasha Pashkov Shirtless Photos, Part II. So, how did Pasha do in last year’s Dancing With The Stars (DWTS)?

Well, he acquitted himself well as he and partner Kate Flannery place 7th overall among 12 dance pairs. To quote our friend Deena, that ain’t bad for a newbie!

Both Pasha and wife Daniela are coming back for the upcoming 29th season of DWTS. However, we do not yet know the celebrity contestants they’ll be partnered with. While waiting for the show to start, check out these shirtless photos of our dance hunk chilling on the beach in his short shorts. Yay!

Pasha Pashkov shirtless body abs

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Gleb Savchenko Shirtless Photos: Dancing With the Stars Hunk

Gleb Savchenco Girlfriend or Wife. We said we’d update this post when we find out anything about our dancing hunk’s relationship status and, seven years later, we are doing so.

It’s been that long, huh?

Anyhoo, apparently, our Glebo (yeah, we’re calling him that) has been married all this time to a professional dancer named Elena Samodanova. They tied the knot back in 2006 and they have two kids together. Here’s a pic of Gleb and Elena when they were pregnant with their second child in 2017:

Gleb Savchenco Wife

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