Rodney Lavoie Jr Shirtless: Survivor World’s Apart – Blue Collar

Is Rodney Lavoie Jr. the Eddie Fox of Survivor World’s Apart: White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar? You remember Eddie, right? He’s the sexy and fun-loving muscle hunk of Survivor Caramoan who brightens the TV screen every time he smiles.

Rodney Lavoie Jr shirtless survivor

We so loved us our Eddie Fox! And, for the past three seasons, we’ve been looking for someone who kinda resembles the lovable hunk but no one came close. Until now that is. We sure are hoping that Rodney with his muscles and tight V-neck shirt and easy smile will be our next imaginary Survivor boyfriend. Hehe.

Rodney Lavoie Jr gay v neck shirt

Rodney’s got him some coconut water.

Rodney Lavoie Jr sexy hunk - survivor worlds apart

How cute is he when he’s smiling? He’s got nice tatts too. Question: Is he starting to go bald? If he does go bald, we think he’s one of them lucky guys who can rock their baldness.

Rodney Lavoie Jr sexy hunk

Rodney Lavoie shirtless selfie. Is he wearing Hanes’ Champion underwear?

Rodney Lavoie Jr underwear

Here are some info about Rodney from his CBS Survivor page:
Name: Rodney Lavoie Jr.
Age: 24
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: General Contractor
Personal Claim to Fame: I was captain of the Boston high school all-star football team and the basketball team. Also, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree.
Hobbies: Going to the gym, working out, playing basketball, video games, popping bottles at the club, and going to sporting events and concerts.
Pet Peeves: When guys take kissy-face selfies on social media and poor driving etiquette.
Three Words to Describe You: Loyal, passionate, and amusing.
“Survivor” Contestant You Are Most Like: No one! Nobody is going to play this game like how you’re about to see me play!
Reason for Being on “Survivor”: To show the world I am the total package. I’m not just an athlete or hustler, but I can beat out everyone for the million.
Why Will You Be the Sole “Survivor”?: With my smarts, athletic ability, hustle like a salesman and personality, I think I can make it, baby!