Robert Pattinson Shoes Collection: Casual and Formal Mens Shoes

Robert Pattinson Shoes Collection: Casual and Formal Mens Shoes. Looking for famous celebrities who wear the fabulous Doc Martens 1460 Boots? Well, here’s Robert Pattinson and his Doc Martens shoes.

Pretty cool huh?

Doc Martens are excellent for kicking butts.

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Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. Leather Wingtips: Robert Pattinson Shoes
24 October 2010

robert pattinson shoes brooks bothers peal leather wingtip shoes

Men’s fashion question: What shoes should you wear when you are attending a very formal affair? Well, if you are required to wear suits, you should go for a pair of black leather wingtip shoes like what Robert Pattinson is wearing in these photos. For those of you who are so very conscious of designer labels, our RPattz is wearing a pair of Brooks Brothers Peal and Co. Canvas Leather Wingtip.

robert pattinson shoes formal brooks brothers wingtip leather

Hey Rob, is that your bodyguard or your daddy?

robert pattinson shoes formal wingtips

Our Robert looks so dapper from head to toe!

formal wear for men robert pattinson in suit and leather shoes