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Trendy and classic celebrity shoes men’s edition. What’s your favorite actor, model, athlete wearing? Latest designer shoes for formal events or casual affairs.

Boat Shoes for Men: Still in Style?

Boat Shoes for Men: Still in Style? Did we not tell you six years ago that boat shoes will never go out of style?

You see, it’s 2020 and the young people we know who are part of the millennial and the Gen Z generation are discovering the most important virtue of boat shoes, i.e., they’re just damn easy to wear!

Let’s have a bet, shall we? We’d bet a thousand bucks that ten years from now, we’ll be seeing Andrew Garfield — probably the most famous celebrity boat shoes enthusiast — wearing boat shoes to the premieres of his movies.

celebrities wearing boat shoes - andrew garfield

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Granit Xhaka Under Armour Shoes Collection

Granit Xhaka Under Armour Shoes. Early this year, Under Armour signed an endorsement deal with Swiss football star Granit Xhaka.

Here’s what Under Armour VP executive Peter Murray says about one of their newest endorsers: “Granit is a hugely exciting young footballer who has an incredible future ahead of him. We felt his relentless and determined style on the pitch matched our brand values. We plan to provide him with best-in-class gear to reach his goals.”

For his part, Granit had this to say about Under Armour: “I feel my young, dynamic spirit is a perfect fit with Under Armour and I am very excited to use their innovative products to add even more control to my game. I look forward to taking my game to the next level, as I still have so much more that I want to achieve.”

So, what’s the Granit Xhaka Under Armour shoes gonna look like? Luckily for you, both Granit and UA have generously shared some photos:

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Celebrity Gucci Shoes: Famous Men Wearing Gucci

Celebrity Gucci Shoes: Famous Men Wearing Gucci. Of course Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo ain’t the only famous man out there who love him his Gucci shoes. You think only the ladies like famous Italian brands? No way, Jose.

Anyhoo, here are four celebrities who were spotted wearing Gucci shoes.

First up, British comic and late night TV host James Corden is casually walking in his Gucci shoes, polo shirt, and blue jeans. Hmmm, looks like he is actually in a Gucci store, no? Look at them little bags at the back!

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Celebrities Wearing Jack Purcell Shoes for Men and Women

Celebrities Wearing Jack Purcell Shoes for Men and Women. Huh, we didn’t know Jack Purcell shoes is kinda famous among male and female celebrities alike. Must be the fact that it is comfortable to wear as well as it’s cool but classic look.

For those of you wondering, the Jack Purcell shoes was actually designed by the man after whom it is named, Canadian world champion badminton player Jack Purcell. According to wikipedia, the shoes used to be the required wear in grass and clay tennis courts because the flat shoes didn’t have any grooves and, thus, did not “tear up clay or grass and skew the elasticity of tennis ball bounce”.

Eventually, running shoes and athletic shoes rose were produced and eclipsed the popularity of Jack Purcells but it still has a niche in the global shoes market and is obviously beloved by the following celebrities who were spotted wearing them:

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Jean-Luc Bilodeau Fashion Style

Jean-Luc Bilodeau Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend (posted 30 October 2014, updated). Winter is coming, winter is coming, go buy yourself a long coat like the one Baby Daddy star Jean Luc Bilodeau is wearing in the above photo courtesy of Indonesia’s Da Man Magazine (

For those who are wondering, the long coat as well as the rest of the ensemble is from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Oh, the sunglasses are from the John Varvatos collection.

jean luc bilodeau - long coat by heidi slimane

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Mens Bally Shoes: Mathias Berg in His Bally Shoes

Mens Bally Shoes. Earlier, we blogged about Bally shoes for women, now here’s male model Mathias Bergh in his Bally shoes for men. The Swiss sure know how to build quality stuff, no? They’ve got the best from shoes to watches to, well, Roger Federer.

mens bally shoes model

Are the guys in the above photo checking out each other’s Bally shoes or are they checking out each other? We gotta go with the latter because they are too far apart to look at each other’s shoes. Unless of course the message meant to be propagated by the advert is that Bally shoes are so known and so cool that you can ID it from a distance.

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