Robert Pattinson Shoes Collection: Casual and Formal Mens Shoes

Vans 106 Vulcanized Mens Shoes: Robert Pattinson Shoes Watch (posted 26 October 2010). Aha, let’s continue our “What/Who is Robert Pattinson Wearing” guessing game and this time, let’s focus on that black shoes protecting his, uhh, bipeds. What brand/label of shoes is that, you ask? That, dear reader, is a Vans 106 Vulcanized Shoes. It’s a pretty comfortable shoes to wear, so its no surprise that our RPattz seems to love him his Vans 106.

robert pattinson shoes vans vulcanized shoes

What do you think of our RPattz’s Vans shoes?

celebrities wearing vans 106 shoes

Take a closer look at Rob’s Vans shoes.

Looks like a comfortable shoes to wear, no?

robert pattinson shoes vans 106


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Monochrome Lo Top Shoes on Robert Pattinson
27 October 2010

robert pattinson shoes chuck taylor

Look who’s wearing a Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Monochrome Lo shoes? It’s Robert Pattinson, that’s who! Too bad we don’t see the shoe that his Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner is wearing. But we did a previous post on Taylor wearing his Chuck Taylor so we know that the Twilight wolf also loves him his Chuck.

robert pattinson shoes converse

Kristen Stewart appears to be saying, “Damn, so unfair! Robert’s looking comfy in his Converse Chuck Taylor shoes while I’m wearing this punishing high heels!”

robert pattinson shoes casual


Vans Classic Sk8-Hi Sneakers: Robert Pattinson Shoe Style Watch
30 October 2010

robert pattinson shoes vans classic

Before we end our blogging about Robert Pattinson and the outfits he wears (which we called Robert Pattinson Fashion Week), let’s check out RPattz and his shoes. What brand of shoes is he wearing, you ask? That shoes, fellow Pattinson watcher, is a Vans Classic Sk8-Hi Sneakers.

robert pattinson shoes vans sneakers

Robert Pattinson Shoes Collection: Casual and Formal Mens Shoes. Posted 23 October 2010. Updated 26 May 2017.