Men in Cargo Shorts: Sexy Guys in Cargo Pants

Men in Cargo Shorts: Hot Guys in Cargo Pants. Are cargo pants sexy? Uhm, is the sky blue? Of course cargo pants are sexy. Their functionality makes them sexy. With cargo outfits, you’ll never run out of pockets, pockets, and pockets to put your wallets and accessories and stuff and more stuff. Cargo pants are our “go-to” wear when we don’t like to be carrying a bag or a backpack.

men in cargo shorts are hot

Obviously, we’re not the only ones who love us our cargos. Check out these men for instance. Eenie meenie miney mo, who of these guys have the best cargo? And the best sixpack washboard abs?

sexy men in cargo shorts


Leonardo di Caprio’s Khaki Cargo Shorts. Dressed in his khaki cargo shorts, light blue shirt, and a pair of over-sized sunglasses, Titanic star Leonardo di Caprio seems oblivious to this group of stalkerish girls who are soo into him. Give them a bone Leonardo, give them a bone.

men in cargo shorts

Question: Is Leonardo’s fly open?

hot men in cargo shorts leo dicaprio

Robert Pattinson’s Gap Cotton Shorts. British actor Robert Pattinson, one of the “famousest” guys in the world, is wearing a pair of Gap cotton cargo shorts at the set of his 2010 movie, Remember Me. We’re told the movie isn’t worth remembering but we will remember this guy forever as that silly and non-scary vegetarian vampire in a movie franchise called Twilight.

men in cargo shorts gap robert pattinson

robert pattinson men in cargo shorts

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Zac Efron’s Cargo Camo Beach Shorts. We cannot resist including these photos of Zac Efron although we’re still debating whether he’s really wearing cargo shorts? To us, its a cargo because its got a lot of “pocketses”. However, our friend Deena insists that Zac is wearing a pair of plain old board shorts with cargo-like pockets. You decide.

zac efron cargo beach shorts

hot guys in cargo shorts

Zac has really grown up, eh? Saying he’s hawt and sexy is an understatement. Our boy’s been working out and we’re liking what we’re seeing. Six pack washboard abs? Take that, Jonas Brothers!

Check out Zac’s version of Daniel Craig’s “rising from the sea” photo.

hot guys in cargo pants

So, do you think Zac’s pants can technically be called a “cargo”? Maybe let’s just call it a “cargo beach shorts” and be done with the debate.

Anyhoo, here are some male models in cargo pants. We’re pretty sure there’s no need to debate the “cargoness” of their outfits.

Matt Van Fleet trains in his khaki cargo shorts.

Gio Vitale is about to drop his pants, for some reason.

men in cargo shorts gio vitale

And CNN iReporter Shawn Loftis strikes one of the bendiest pose we’ve ever seen.

men in cargo shorts collin oneal

Men in Cargo Shorts: Sexy Guys in Cargo Pants. Posted 8 April 2010. Updated 26 May 2017.