Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Video and Photos

Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Movie. Robert Pattinson soaks it up and goes for the naked wet look in some movie he made years ago. The movie is called The Haunted Airman or something like that. Gotta go check the official name of the movie and will update this later.


Here’s the trailer for The Haunted Airman. The other video below is a short clip from the film. [Update: Sorry, the videos were deleted at source.]

Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Photos. (posted 05 April 2009). Here’s your dose of Robert Pattinson photos of the day, you fansick Pattinson fans. These pics are from a BBC drama called The Haunted Airman where Robert played the role of a pilot about to go crazy. Or something like that anyway.

Doesn’t our RPattz look hot even if he’s acting crazy?

Eww, spider. This photo is totally not for those with arachnophobia. It is totally for those with a spider fetish (if there is such a thing).

Poor thing. He’s a haunted man indeed. After he made this movie, the unfortunate (?) Brit is now being haunted by his crazy Twilight fans. But he’s also now very rich so he’s also fortunate in the fortune department.


Remember Me Movie: Pierce Brosnan & Robert Pattinson
19 July 2009

Pierce Brosnan and Robert Pattinson in one movie? That’s quite a casting coup, isn’t it? If we were the producers of the Remember Me movie, we would get some firemen on standby because the movie set might explode with the hotness of the two male leads.

robert pattinson remember me movie

pierce brosnan remember me movie

Seriously, Pierce is turning out to be a very hot daddy. He was hot back in the “olden days” but he remains a one hot patootie. Of course, Pattinson is kind of hot too. Although, we must say that Brosnan is much hotter than Pattinson and we’d like to think that Pattinson will agree with us. Oh, by the way, the photos are from a location shooting somewhere in New York.

Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman and Remember Me Movies. Posted 18 January 2009.