Brent Diggs and Blake Riley: Guys in Tank Top Shirts

Brent Diggs and Blake Riley: Guys in Tank Top Shirts. This must be what Ryan Seacrest was thinking when he decided to produce Brody Jenner’s Bromance. Seriously. All the crying going on in that show makes me think that what Ryan really wanted to do is to have a reason for hooking up with Brody Jenner. Admit it, Ryan.

brent diggs blake riley

Anyhoo, aren’t tank top shirts the best? They do a lot to enhance a mans looks by hiding part of his bod. As our grandma used to say, “What’s hidden is what’s interesting!”

brent diggs blake riley athletic shirt

UPDATE: Who are Brent Diggs and Brent Riley? After we published our original post above, our friend Deena called us and said, “Hello, you do a post on two gorgeous guys and don’t say anything about them? That’s silly. Sure we like guys in sexy tank top shirts like the next girl but you should write more about those guys and not them damn tank top shirts!”

Chastened by Deena the great, we are updating this post to tell you more about these guys. Hehe.

Brent Diggs: Brent is an actor who appears in movies for men who love men.

This is what he says about himself in an interview with Beautiful Mag: “My name is Brent I’m 21 years old, born and raised in New Jersey, I’m very easy going and love to have a good time, One word to describe myself overall would be funny, I believe I am a very funny person. As well I don’t take to much in life too seriously because you only live once and while I’m here I should make the best of it.”

How did he end up doing movies for men?” Well to be honest I come from a family with not a lot of money at all so when I heard how much money was in the industry that sold me right away so the initial reason was the money and then again I thought I workout so hard for this body why am I not showing it off ya know!… so I figured why not get NAKED and have some fun.”

Blake Riley: Blake is a male model/adult actor from the great state of Texas. He was born Blake Brumbelow, is 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m), and he was discovered on MySpace by director Chi Chi LaRue who immediately cast Blake in her films. He officially retired from the adult entertainment industry in 2009. Sad, no?

Here’s Blake with another actor, Hunter Vance.

Blake Riley Hunter Vance

Who’s hotter between Blake Riley and Hunter Vance? We must say that we like Hunter better but only because he reminds us of our former ex. Haha.

Before Deena criticize us again for not telling you more about Hunter Vance, we will go ahead and tell you more about the guy.

Hunter Vance: Hunter is a model/actor/director who was discovered when he was dancing in a club. He stands at 5’9″, has one of the most beautiful male bubble bums we’ve ever seen, and he likes steak or sushi. He’s originally from Tampa, Florida but he’s currently based in Miami.