Reese Witherspoon Bikini Swimwear and Pink Bunny Costume

Reese Witherspoon Bikini Swimwear. Hey look, it’s Miss Legally Blonde herself Reese Witherspoon sitting by the pool in her two-piece itsy bitsy yellowish bikini. That’s her beau Jake Gyllenhaal with his back to the camera. These two are a pretty cool couple. They should stop the dating and get married already.

reese witherspoon swimsuit - two piece bikini

Want more Reese Witherspoon bikini photos? Here’s our Academy Award-winning actress having fun at the beach. She must really like her two-piece swimsuits, no?

reese witherspoon bikini - blue two-piece swimsuit

When you go beach-swimming, do you think adding a shirt over your swimsuit, as Reese does in the photo ? Will this help protect you against cancerous ultra-violet rays? We ask because we want to know. Deena says yes, but Kevin says it doesn’t do anything at all.

Anyhoo, here’s Reese as Elle the Pink Bunny in Legally Blonde, a movie we don’t mind watching again and again. Isn’t she adorable in this outfit?


Reese Witherspoon’s Blackeye in How Do You Know
14 August 2009


Why is A-Lister Reese Witherspoon sporting an ugly blackeye? For a while, we thought it’s because someone punched her in the face (a-la Danielle Lloyd and Rihanna) but, thankfully, that’s not the reason at all.

So where did that blackeye come from? Well, our Reese is shooting a baseball movie (How Do You Know) but she’s a clumsy catcher who can’t prevent a ball from hitting her in the face.

From sfgate:

The actress has been filming baseball picture “How Do You Know” in Washington, DC, and took up softball as part of her training. But it wasn’t long before the 33-year-old suffered her first injury after she was hit in the face during a game last month.

And now Witherspoon has sparked reports of another softball mishap, after she was photographed with a painful-looking bruise under her left eye on Tuesday.

Apart from Reese, the movie also stars Jack Nicholson, the Speedo-wearing Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson (aka Woody Harrelson’s BFF).