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Paul Rudd Speedo, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos. An enterprising realtor uses Paul Rudd’s facial image to advertise some real estate. What do you think of this Paul Rudd Speedo photo. It’s a pretty good photoshopped image, no?

UPDATE: Turns out that the above photo is part of the plot of Paul’s movie with Jason Segel, I Love You Man. It is also a promotional material for the movie itself. Brilliant move, huh? Here’s a bill board of the fabulous Paul Rudd Speedo.

paul rudd speedo as realtor peter klaven

UPDATE 2: We have some real Paul Rudd underwear pictures! First, here’s our Paul in his boxer shorts underwear from I Love You Man.

paul rudd underwear boxer shorts

Then here’s a fattie eating hotdog wearing nothing but his saggy white briefs. The internetz says this is Paul Rudd. Since we believe everything the internetz says, then this must indeed be Paul Rudd. Why he’s dressed like this, why he’s eating a hotdog, and why he’s underpants is saggy are questions that only he can answer.

paul rudd white briefs underwear

UPDATE 3: We have more Paul Rudd Speedo and underwear photos from his movies. First, here’s Paul as Duke Orsino in a pair of bikini briefs underwear from his 1998 TV-movie 12th Night or What You Will.

And Paul in tighty whities in the 2003 movie, The Shape of Things.

paul rudd briefs underwear in shape of things

And, last but not the least, our sexy comic hunk wears a pair of boxer shorts in the 1998 film, The Object of My Affection.


Paul Rudd Loves Jason Segel; Jason Loves Paul Back (posted: 01 February 2009). Aww. Looking great together, boys. We love both of you. Famewatchers, who among you are planning to watch this movie?

paul rudd jason segel i love you man

Sexy Paul Rudd’s Shirt and Tie (posted: 09 January 2009). Are you a Paul Rudd fan? We are a fan of this guy. The first time we saw him was in that movie with Michael Caine and Tobey Maguire. We can’t remember now the title of that movie now but when we saw Paul, we went, “Who is that hottie?”

Then we started seeing him on Friends and were delighted when he hooked up with, and eventually married, Phoebe who is our favorite Friends character.

paul rudd sexy

Paul Rudd Speedo, Underwear, Shirtless Photos – Fake and Real Pics posted on 24 April 2009. Updated 13 March 2017.