Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirts For Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirts For Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch. Earlier, we saw Robert Pattinson go for plaid shirts which he paired with his fab Dior Homme 19CM Waxing Moon Jeans. Now, let’s have more photos of the Twilight King in what’s probably his “best plaid shirt photos” to date. This is one of them cases where our envious eyes go, “Damn! We’d like that plaid shirt for ourselves!”

ralph lauren plaid shirt for men

Seriously, we’re so liking this Ralph Lauren Plaid Oxford Shirt. Want more mens plaid shirts?

oxford shirt by ralph lauren

celebrities who wear plaid shirts. robert pattinson wearing ralph lauren green plaid oxford shirt


Celebrities in Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirts and Other Outfits. Aside from Robert Pattinson, are there other celebrities out there who were spotted in Ralph Lauren plaid shirts? Of course! One of them is Hollywood A-Lister Bruce Willis who wore a Ralph Lauren Red Flannel Button Up Shirt in his 2010 action comedy movie, Red.

ralph lauren plaid shirt for men

Then here’s American record producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic Games Cotton Flannel Custom Slim Fit Shirt which is reportedly “crafted from brushed cotton flannel for a soft, well-worn feel”.

ralph lauren plaid shirt for men jermaine dupri

Unfortunately we really can’t see Jermaine’s plaid shirt except for the sleeves. Fortunately, Chris Brown’s Polo Ralph Lauren shirt is 100% visible (well, 100% except for the back hehe). Chris is wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo Custom-Fit Dungaree Workshirt which is supposedly “crafted in hearty cotton twill and trimmed with smooth suede for a handsome finish”.

Of course, when it comes to plaid, Ralph Lauren isn’t only about shirts. He’s also about plaid vests, plaid dresses, plaid jackets, and more. There’s even a plaid tie which looks pretty neat on Star Trek hunk Zachary Quinto. The tie is called the Ralph Lauren Polo India Madras Plaid Tie.

polo ralph lauren plaid tie

Did we mention plaid dress? Here’s German model Julia Stegner looking fantastic in this green plaid dress from the Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2008 Collection. That’s a lovely, lovely dress so we’re not surprised that our friend Deena is kinda drooling over it.

ralph lauren plaid dress

Meanwhile, check out this Ralph Lauren Plaid Tartan Vest on Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick).

ralph lauren plaid shirt for men ed westwick

And, last but not the least, here’s Jessica Simpson looking stylish and cool in her Ralph Lauren Valley Wool Plaid Jacket.

ralph lauren plaid skirt jessica simpson

Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirts For Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch. Updated 23 May 2017.