Robert Pattinson Jeans Collection: Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Dior Homme

Robert Pattinson Jeans Collection: Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Dior Homme. Robert Pattinson pretends to read a saucy book but is actually posing for the camera in this Vanity Fair photoshoot. This is one of his cuter days, to be sure. Hehe. Anyhoo, for those of you who must know what your fav celebrities are wearing, here’s the dish on RPattz’s outfits.

robert pattinson jeans by polo ralph lauren blue jeans

The pair of blue jeans our RPattz is wearing is by Polo Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile, his jacket is by Tom Ford.

robert pattinson jeans ralph lauren

celebrities wearing polo ralph lauren denim jeans

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Polo Ralph Lauren Jeans Distressed Jeans. Let’s have a Joan Riveresque question, “Who is Robert Pattinson wearing?” Well, he is wearing a pair of jeans by Polo Ralph Lauren. Specificially, he’s wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren Lightly Distressed Straight Leg Jeans.

robert pattinson jeans polo ralph lauren jeans for men

He’s wearing a pair of distressed jeans, baby. So very RPattz, no?

robert pattinson jeans straight leg jeans for men

Smoking is bad for your health, honey!

polo ralph lauren jeans for men

A look at the rear part of this Robert Pattinson jeans.

robert pattinson blue jeans

Diesel Straight Leg Jeans. Check out the Twilight actor’s straight leg denim jeans. For the brand conscious among us, our Robert is wearing a Diesel Straight Leg Jeans with suspenders.

robert pattinson jeans by diesel

How Twilightish is that suspenders thing?

diesel robert pattinson jeans

Aww. Are you performing a dance move, Mr. Pattinson?

robert pattinson jeans diesel straight leg

Dior Homme 19 CM Waxing Moon Jeans. Today in Robert Pattinson jeans watch, we bring you the Vampire dude in his Dior Homme Waxing Moon Jeans.


He is saying hi to his Comicon fans. Who knew Comicon geeks are also Twilight fans? Hehe. Oh, but then again, maybe he went to Comicon to promote some other movie and not that Twilight thing.


A closer look at this Dior Homme Robert Pattinson jeans.


Dior Homme 19 CM Downtown Jeans. Here’s today’s most famous vampire Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson) giving us the two thumbs up in his Dior Homme 19 CM Downtown Jeans.

robert pattinson jeans dior homme

Now, this would be one of the few times where you Robert not looking miserable, no?

robert pattinson jeans dior homme jeans

The Dior Homme CM 19 Downtown jeans.

robert pattinson jeans collection

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Robert Pattinson Jeans Collection. First posted 24 October 2010. Latest update on 23 May 2017.