Nacho Figueras Shirtless, Young, Prince Harry Bromance

Nacho Figueras Shirtless, Young, Prince Harry Bromance. Who is Prince Harry’s shoulder hug body? Well, you should know his name because it’s right there in the title. Hehe. But, seriously, apparently these two are the best of buddies and they even established a polo team together called the Los Padres Polo Team. Ain’t that cool?

nacho figueras gay bromance prince harry

Anyhoo, for those of you who want more details about Prince Harry’s hugging body, Nacho Figueras is a polo athlete and male supermodel. We do not know if he remains at the top of the modeling world given that he’s no longer doing it full-time but he was listed by among the top male supermodels in terms of earnings seven years ago. Here are some of his modeling photos.

nacho figueras shirtless model

We start with his shirtless pics because some of you are Thirsty with a capital T. Oh wait, some of you like our friend Kevin are actually THIRSTY in all caps. Haha.

nacho figueras underwear

nacho figueras young

Fittingly, our polo athlete slash model found his modeling home in Ralph Lauren which has a sub-label called Polo Ralph Lauren. We really don’t know the difference between the two but our niece Sheila tells us that Polo Ralph Lauren is “more sporty and more casual” compared to its parent label. Anyhoo, our Argentine hunk modeled for both Ralph Lauren as well as Polo Ralph Lauren.

nacho figueras hot in suit

nacho figueras shirtless body

nacho figueras hot male model

nacho figueras model for polo ralph lauren

Aside from Prince Harry, Nacho is also pals with Billy Slater who, according to wikipedia, is a rugby league legend not only in his native Australia but in the whole rugby world.

nacho figueras shirtless gay with rugby legend billy slater

By the way, Nacho is a diminutive or a nickname for Ignacio which is our supermodel’s first name.

nacho figueras shirtless young 1998

We grabbed the next pic of our zaddy Nacho wearing hawt above-the-knee shorts from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @nachofigueras.

nacho figueras hot daddy instagram at nachofigueras

Nacho Figueras Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to wife Delfina Blaquier. Delfina is a photographer and the couple, who are the proud parents of four children, got married in 2004. Here’s a pic from their wedding.

nacho figueras wedding to wife Delfina Blaquier

In closing, here’s Nacho and his bromantic partner Prince Harry.

nacho figueras prince harry

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